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What is one thing the NFL can do to improve its outreach to women?

The NFL has come a long way in terms of it’s outreach to women. Considering 44% of the overall NFL fanbase is women, this outreach was long overdue.

Aside from transition of shoving pink jerseys down our throats, the NFL has made a considerable effort with team fashions in the actual team colors, the addition of home-gating items as well as traveling NFL Style booths that visit any team that requests it.

But the NFL also took a huge step backwards in 2013 by disallowing purses larger than the size of your hand under the pretense of “it improves fan safety.” I don’t want to get started on the debate of how purses are dangerous but a fan being allowed to drink 20 beers a game isn’t.

Regardless, the NFL always has room to improve. Whether it’s in the front office of NFL teams or outside at security.

So we wanted to know from you, what is one thing the NFL can do to improve it’s approach to the female fan base?


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GuysGirl’s State of the NFL Female Fan

This past season, we have been highlighting the first of a kind, State of the NFL Female Fan.

In this 3 part series,  we covered the remarkably low number of women in an executive leadership role among NFL teams. and in the second article we looked at how the NFL is reaching out to the fanbase that makes up 45% of their viewership.

Finally, we looked at the role of fantasy football on this ever growing segment and the women who play a key role behind that growth.

This series discovered some pretty amazing facts. Here’s a snippet

The Seattle Seahawks lead the NFL with nine female executives. Next closest team are Packers, Bucks and 49ers with 4 each. But the Seahawks are also one of 26 teams that does not have a women’s fan club.

–70% of all household purchasing decisions are made by women. So could the NFL be making more than the current $1billion off of total revenue spent by women if they reached out to the female fanbase more effectively?

5.8 Million women are playing fantasy football. And there are some key women behind the rankings and software we use to play it with.

Here are the most fascinating facts from our study…



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Jaguars Become 7th Team In the NFL To Add Official Women’s Fan Club

The Jaguars, who unlike any other team in the NFL with 51% of it’s fan base being female, have become the 7th team in the NFL to launch an official women’s club.

The membership looks to capitalize on what other fan clubs have seen success with and to also be seen as a thought leader in the NFL on attracting the female fan base that represents almost half of the overall market.


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