Hola—my name is Blythe and I started GuysGirl in 2009 because I felt like I was the only girl in the world who loved sports, Star Wars and a great red lipstick.

Little did I know there so many female fans out there just like me.

Since 2009, GuysGirl has become the voice for the female fan covering national topics on major sports, entertainment, and their surrounding culture. Through our editorial features, radio, livestream and television broadcasts, we have promoted the on and off the field lifestyle along with opinions from the female fan perspective.

Headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, this blog has blossomed into Brumleve Brands—providing digital media services to other companies.

In 2019 and after a ten year run, we decided to retire from blogging  here fulltime to focus on our growing digital media business. But you can still find us occasstionaly writing here, vlogging, podcasting, and writing for our entreprenuer + lifestyle brand, Bonjour with Blythe.

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