Donald Trump recently held a celebration in honor of renovating one of his many golf courses, the Red Tiger at the Trump International Doral in Miami, FL, and his guest list consisted of beautiful Miss Universe contestants.

Some of the contestants tried their hand at the legendary game. Although they are no professionals, some of them were good and watching them swing at the ball in HEELS really made my day.

I am no golf pro and would not dare try to critique their swings. Luke Kerr-Dineen, contributor did, and here’s what he had to say about a few of the ladies:

Miss Ireland

“Probably the best swing of the bunch. She straightens her body a little too much during her backswing. If she takes off those high heels and maintains her posture a little better, she could be pretty good.”

Miss Czech Republic

“She’s not trying to hold anything back, which we can appreciate, but judging by the size of that divot (and the non-existent ball flight) it’s clear she’s standing a little too close to the ball. Her backswing is a pretty flat, too, but her lower body action isn’t bad at all.”

Miss Lithuania

“Another accuracy player, apparently. Making contact is the first step, which she accomplished without any problem. The next step: a wider stance and a bigger backswing.”

I applaud the ladies. Not only did they play golf (kind of), but did so in Louboutin’s, tight dresses and with a smile.

Check out the entire video of the contestants playing golf below:

via Luke Kerr-Dineen, video via the Miami Herald, featured image via Global Beauties