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Blythe Brumleve

Business Owner, Broadcaster and Disney fanatic.

Like many Floridians, I grew up singing every word to Disney’s animated classics, had a ranking system for my favorite princesses and prefer to think of Cinderella’s castle as a future second home.

I’ve grown up loving Disney so much when I briefly lived in Orlando, the first thing I did was apply to work for my dream company. I didn’t care what work I’d be doing because I knew I was going to give this company my very best and work my way to the top.

After being hired on at a Photo Pass Photographer, I enjoyed three full days of work before an unforeseen life event forced me to move back home to Jacksonville.

After my dream of working for Disney was crushed, life carved a new path and I ultimately founded GuysGirl.

I now get to visit Disney World several times per year and share my experiences with all of you.

Have a request or spot you’d like for me to try out? Send me a tip and I can add it to a future trip itinerary.

Magic Moments

If you’ve never stayed onsite while on a Disney vacation, you have no idea how much you’re missing out on. You get extended park hours, free shuttle service to and from all of the parks and hotels, plus MAGIC BANDS. While some resorts can be a little pricey, one Disney property with perks and affordable rates is Walt Disney World’s, Coronado Springs.

This one is a big favorite of my traveling companions. While it has Disney touches to the room and property, it’s not overwhelming like some of the other affordable resort options. My family has liked it so much, we’ve stayed there several times and now consider it our go-to for quick trips. The Spanish decor and food options are both killer with beautiful views everywhere you walk.

I’m the type of Disney fan that if they asked for a sample of my blood and to give up all privacy rights, I would gladly do it without hesitation. I might ask to stay the night in Cinderella’s Castle as part of a trade but I’m being honest when I say Disney is probably the only corporation I would hand over my basic human rights to.

All that to say because when we got our first Magic Bands, we felt like we were part of an exclusive secret club. You can do anything you want with this bracelet by simply scanning your wrist. You can buy drinks at the hotel, food at the park, set up your Fast Passes, check into your room or purchase items at the gift shop. Hell, you can even decorate the damn thing with pins galore. With the Magic Band, you can do anything. Life has zero issues and everything is magical.

Until you get the bill. Pixie dust ain’t working on that.

I could spend hours walking around the Disney resorts and if you’re lucky, you can stumble upon the Spirit of Aloha show at the Polynesian Village Resort.

One of my favorite memories of this place is when my friends and I stumbled upon on the fire show and a couple cast members let us have a sneak peek of the action.

After the show was over, our group continued to walk across around the island themed resort with dozens of hummingbirds flying all around us.

Make Me A Princess

If there’s one gripe I have about Disney is adults aren’t allowed to get a makeover in the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique.

Apparently, it’s frowned upon for girls over the age of 12 to want to get dressed up in a princess gown, have their makeup and hair done in a friggin’ castle and covered in scented glitter. FOR SHAME.

To get around this rule, Disney has cleverly offered up a (shhhh!) free service that my girlfriend/colleague and I love to request at the boutique. We like to call it “Make Me a Princess” because the women at the front of the shop are known to give a little wand action of their scented glitter over your head. The rest of the day you get to spend covered in glitter and let’s face it, what’s a Disney trip without glitter?

The employees at the front of the boutique may or may not say the phrase “Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo may all your dreams come true” as they douse you with glitter. And they also may say it after you’ve had a couple drinks at Disney Springs and request to be made into said princess.

If you don’t appreciate being covered in glitter at Walt Disney World, I can’t relate.


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More Magic Moments

Another benefit of staying onsite at a Disney resort is being able to get into the park before the crowds. After catching a quick boat ride from the Swan and Dolphin hotels, we had access to the side entrance of Epcot.

What was just beyond the side entrance? Oh, just the OG Mouse himself looking classic and clean.

And as a bonus, we waited only a few minutes to take a picture with him.

disney bachelorette party

Girls Trip Done Right

The cure to most problems in life is a good group of girlfriends.

Coming in at a close second is Cinderella’s Castle on a sunny Florida day.

If you want to explore different cultures and don’t have the budget for an around-the-world trip, Epcot is a great backup plan.

The park is split up in 11 countries that expand for special events like The Food and Wine Festival. What makes Epcot unique is each cast member is from that respective country working for Walt Disney World using a Visa. It creates a connection between the country you’d love to learn more about with someone is actually from that country. How cool is that?!

Coming from a German lineage, my family and I were particullarly excited to visit Germany. We even learned a new tradition such as hiding a pickle ornament in a Christmas tree. Usually the parents will hide the ornament and whomever finds it first, gets to open the first present. This new tradition of is now part of our holiday plans and I’m proud to say my brother has never won.

P.S. They serve alcohol allllll throughout the park making Epcot the most adult friendly Disney property. Next time you’re there, try a fun game called “Drink Around the World.”

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