Nothing is worse than buying a twelve pack of beer only to realize you grabbed the one that isn’t cold enough to drink.

Even worse is when you’re headed to a tailgate (or party) and need to get that beer cold fast, so let’s not waste anymore time.

Here are seven ways to get those brews from room temperature to icy cold.

1. Get a SpinChill

For $30, you can pick up this battery operated contraption that spins a room temperature beer down to 38 degrees in one minute without shaking the can (or bottle) up.

2. Get a Drill Attachment

If you don’t feel like buying a SpinChill, you can buy a $12 chill bit that attaches to a drill.

easy ways to chill a hot beer

3. Or just spin the beer yourself

Self explanatory and the only equipment you need is a bowl of ice.

4. Use a Fire Extinguisher

Is wasting a $70 fire extinguisher on a chilling a beer practical? No. But it gives you a perfect excuse to use an almost-expired fire extinguisher.

5. Reuseable Method of Chilling Beer

Make this concoction once, stick it in the freezer and the next time you need a cold beer, you can chill it an under a minute.

6. Use Salt, Ice and Water Mixture

Using ice alone takes about 20 minutes to chill beer, ice water cuts that time in half but adding salt to the ice water mixture will get it cold in 5 minutes.

7. Wrap Your Beer In Wet Paper Towels

Take your beer, wrap it in wet paper towels and throw it in the freezer. This method is convenient and takes about 10 minutes. It sure beats waiting on the fridge to cool your beer.

chill a beer fast

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