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Jessica Blaylock: Interview with Miami Marlins and Florida Panthers Sideline Reporter

Jessica Blaylock was born and raised in Jacksonville, spent some time at sports radio station 1010XL before being promoted to the big leagues as FOX Sports sideline reporter for both the Miami Marlins and the Florida Panthers. Jessica was the first woman in sports...
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Mackenzie Thirkill: Interview with Orlando Magic Sideline Reporter

Mackenzie Thirkill is the sideline reporter for the Orlando Magic and like many of us, grew up loving sports. Listen as we chat with Mackenzie on her career in sports, broadcasting and how she continues to hustle.

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Alyssa Lang: Interview with SEC Network Reporter

SEC Network reporter Alyssa Lang spent quite a bit of time in Jacksonville, Florida covering the area’s sports teams.  In collaboration with Void Magazine, I interviewed Alyssa to get details on her life growing up as a sports fan, getting involved in sports media, and the challenges she faces in this ever-evolving industry.

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Kentucky Derby: Everything you need for the fastest two minutes in sports

The first Saturday in May is an excuse to dress up, drink mint juleps, bet on horses and hopefully come away with your dignity. To get ready for the first leg of the Triple Crown, we’ve assembled everything needed for one of the biggest sporting events of the year.

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Females talking routes with Laurie Fitzpatrick

Cam Newton made some news when he commented on “females talking routes” in a press conference. So we invited film reviewer Laurie Fitzpatrick on the show to talk just that.

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Interview with Beth Mowins: NFL’s 2nd Woman to Call Play-by-Play

Beth Mowins is only the 2nd woman to call play-by-play for an NFL game and she joined the ladies of ‘Helmets and Heels’ to talk about those expectations.

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Are women-only sports shows sexist?

Women in sports radio have fought a long time to have a seat at the sports opinion table. But now that we have two all-female sports shows, are we sexist?

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How to Survive the Stanley Cup Playoffs

If you’re a hockey fan, there’s a pretty good chance you’re submerged in a vat of Certified Grade A Playoff Agony right now. After two weeks of Stanley Cup Playoffs action, tensions are high and you need a survival guide.

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The fiery debates of 2016 that has me wondering how I’m still employed

From how Ryan Lochte was covered by the media, the NFL’s mishandling of Josh Brown’s domestic violence case and even caping for Louisville head coach Bobby Petrino, we’ve got the best debates, for better or worse, you loved to listen to over the past 12 months.

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Sip champagne and shop from your bed with GuysGirl’s gift ideas that don’t suck

Most Christmas shopping guides are terrible. Which is why we’re setting the screen so you can dunk on your cousin who thinks she got the best Secret Santa gift with our first ever guide to gifts that don’t suck.

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