Beer Pong is one of those games that’s a perfect icebreaker for a party or tailgate. As the game has grown in popularity across the country, more variations have begun to pop up.

Check out all of the different variations of beer pong you can try at your next tailgate…

vietpong drinking game

Wormhole Pong

This is just one of seven beer pong games College Humor came up with, and from the looks of it, it’s a game changer.

If either team hits the predetermined wormhole cup, players switch sides instead of drinking.

via College Humor

wormhole beer pong


Giant Beer Pong

In a slightly more expensive (but durable!) version of beer pong, you can spray paint 12 large trashcans and use a volleyball to toss into the opponent’s bins.

via Rugged Thug Life

giant beer pong


Quidditch Pong

For all the Harry Potter nerds out there (raises hand), here’s a version of beer pong that has the standard rules of a regular game, just with added hazards. It will probably make the game last a lot longer, so be sure to have a sippin’ beer off to the side.

via Louie’s Loops

quidich pong


Basket Pong

This game can be played with either one hoop or two. Players stand behind a predetermined line and with a “shoot till you miss” format.

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Russian Roulette Pong

Your beer pong table is set up with the cups in a circle, and all but one cup are filled with water.

The other cup? Vodka.

Whenever one vodka is hit, the losing team must take both liquor shots.

via College Humor

russian roulette pong



Have an old air hockey table lying around? Take a Saturday and cut some holes into the table to make the perfect combination of hockey and beer pong.

Whenever one side hits the puck in, the opposing team drinks. Just make sure you have an extra large water cup to clean off that puck.

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alcohockey beer pong


Pong Head Beer Pong

If you want to make it that much harder for your opponent to hit a cup, get this inflatable beer pong hat set and hope that no one decides to dunk on you.

via Spencer’s

helmet beer pong



In a game that will teach you a bit of American history, two sides – “Vietnam” and “America” – are set up for a match. The American side is in a traditional format, while Vietnam has cups scattered everywhere.

If the Vietnam side makes a shot, the American team drinks a beer, keeps the cup in its spot and refills with beer. If the American side makes a shot, the Vietnam team drinks a full beer and removes the cup from the table.

And yes, just like the history books told you, the idea is that the American side will always lose.


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