Are women-only sports shows sexist?



Friend of the fam Sprots Takes recently launched an all-female sports show based in Kansas City. As awesome as that news is, you can’t have anything nice without someone being offended on the internet.

Since Helmets and Heels have been hosting in Jacksonville for three years, founder and host of Sprots Takes Gat joined in on the discussion if a woman-only sports show is sexist.

My initial response? Maybe we are sexist.

And I don’t care.

Helmets and Heels nor Sprots Takes has ever banned men from appearing on our respective shows.  But we will ban men from hosting it.

Why? Because men, particularly white men, have had a voice on sports radio for generations. And while the majority of these men give well-researched opinions on a variety of topics, they’ll never be able to give it from a woman’s perspective.

Don’t have an interest in hearing sports opinions from a woman’s perspective? Simply wait for the other 20+ hours that are filled with the opinions of men every single day.

I realize the idea of change is uncomfortable and “getting used to hearing a woman’s voice” can be challenging for the weak minded like Ryan Varner. But baby, that’s a you problem. 

Women now have a seat at the sports opinion table. Not as a news chick and not as eye candy tossing it to commercial after the big boys are done debating. We’re responsible for our own topics, research, opinions and entertaining an audience. We critique every show, segment and pinpoint where we can get better.  It’s a challenge we happily accept and hope the audience of multiple demographics enjoys what we do.

We can’t please everyone and won’t bother to try. But we won’t apologize or back away from an opportunity we’ve busted our ass for.

Listen to the women in sports radio conversation below with Gat of Sprots Takes



Blythe Brumleve, Lauren Brooks, and Donna Murphy host ‘Helmets and Heels’ live every Tuesday night from 7-9pm. As the first football radio show in the country to be hosted by women, the hosts discuss NFL, college football, Jacksonville Jaguars and the biggest sports stories from the weekend.