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You see it happening all around you. Every year the number of women who attend football games is growing hand over fist. But as someone who may know a bit about the game, you certainly know there’s room for that knowledge to grow.

But the truth is, you don’t want to have actually ask someone to learn about our nation’s most popular sport; you want to learn it for yourself in your own terms.

That’s where Football Fanaticism with a Feminine Flair can help. Rather than taking the idiotic concept that a woman should learn the game of football to please a man, GuysGirl believes you can learn the culture and rules of the game to enjoy it on your own terms.

In this book you’ll read about the rivalries, the written rules as well as the unwritten rules, the tailgating traditions, getting gameday ready, what makes college football so different from the NFL, how a game is played out and the rise of the female fan. Because it’s not just the sport or team that brings football fans together, it’s the sub culture of games, food, and bonding before, during and after games that creates camaraderie among fans



Gamedays are a very different experience than the NFL. While
both fan bases love to tailgate, college fans take it to another

The Florida-Georgia game is referred to as the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party and for good reason. Fans line up days before the big game to be able to fit their camper into what’s known as RV City. Inside RV City is a mess of fandom, stripper poles, jello shots, tricked out golf carts and pressurized beer funnels.