Growing up in Florida and working for several clubs, I’ve seen my fair share of mother nature meets golf.

I’ve seen a pack of wild dogs and cats steal a golf ball right off the green.

I’ve seen a hawk capture a fish only to be then hunted by nasty crows to have the hawk give up on a 15lb pound catfish.

I’ve had a squirrel pee on my golf cart seat in anger because I took my snacks (which were for sale) away from him. And if you drive by an alligator on the course, it must a day that ends in Y.

But I’ve never seen a shark infested pond anywhere near a golf course until now…

Back in 2011, the Carbrook Golf Club in Brisbane, Queensland (Australia) suffered a flood that caused eight 10-ft bullsharks to get caught in one of lakes on the course. When the lake receded, the sharks were stuck.

Did I mention that bullsharks are one of the most aggressive sharks in the world?

All eight of the sharks have been seen flourishing in their new extra-large outdoor fish tank.

They’ve have also become a tourist attraction as golfers who frequent the course have been seen feeding them, causing some to jump out of the water to reach the food.

No word yet on any injuries as a result of feeding a dangerous animal friggin’ shark but I imagine the waivers signed by anyone playing a round has to be ironclad.

Check out the video below of a grounds crewman getting a little too close for comfort….

According to Golf Digest, the course chose not to remove the sharks and instead has been capitalizing on it for years, even introducing an annual “Shark Lake Challenge.”

Because if it’s any consolation to the people of Australia, everything else in that country is trying to kill you, might as well add a round of golf to that list.