EST. 2009

Since 2009

GuysGirl has has operated a woman-only fantasy football league.

Two days before the start of the 2008 NFL season, a girlfriend reached out wanting to start a fantasy football league for all of our friends. After sending dozens of emails to anyone interested, we autodrafted the next day.

We had so much fun shit-talking throughout the season that we decided to officially launch the GuysGirl Fantasy Football League in 2009.  And we’re not alone. Millions of women across the country are now playing in leagues of their own.

If you’re interested in learning how to start your own league or ways to improve the current league you’re in, let’s get to it!

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Guysgirl Draft Day Advice

Location Location Location

Choosing the right draft location is impperative. While our league prefers a bar/restuarant, it took a few years to find a forever-home.

Green Room Brewing, located in Jacksonville Beach, FL has the perfect setup with an HD screen projector (for draft software) and large pinic tables in the back of their brewery. From here, it’s easy to order pizza, make sure the beer is flowing and get to work on selecting a championship team.

If you’re looking for a spot to host your league draft, make sure to check out potential locations first, talk with management about wifi hookups and make a reservation. Make sure you have enough room for food, drinks, laptops and paperwork for every player in your league.

No Female Trophy? No Problem

Adding a trophy is one of the best features any league can adopt.

While plenty of fantasy football tophies exist on the market, I had one hell of a time finding a trophy for an all-girls league.

Most trophies consist of a male football player or guy sitting on a recliner. None of these trophies had a female option.

So we made our own. 

And we loved it so much that when we found a superhero trophy alternative, we kept the DIY women’s fantasy football trophy for the annual loser last place finisher.

Get You Some Software

When our league first launched, a print at-home draft board was considered high tech.

While many leagues prefer the traditional method, our league made the switch to digital draft software and haven’t looked back.

The problem with the traditional method is league participants have to walk to the draft board to make their selections or someone else is tasked with writing those selections in. All of which takes up valuable time.

An extra 45-seconds might not sound like much. But when you consider 12 people are doing this for 14 rounds BEFORE a draft pick is selected, you can save some serious time with a software tool like Clicky Draft.