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blythe brumleve

Business Owner, Broadcaster and newbie to playing golf.

Like any Floridian, I’ve been around the game of golf my entire life. But it wasn’t until I was a working as a young waitress at TPC Sawgrass that my love for golf grew into what it is today.

When you’re surrounded by golf courses for most of your life—you take it for granted. However, seeing golfers from all over the globe travel to visit TPC’s infamous 17th island green gave me a whole new appreciation for what can be found in my own backyard.

Years later, my career would evolve from waitress to broadcaster and I’ve been lucky enough to cover THE PLAYERS golf tournament, also known as golf’s 5th Major, for much of the past decade.

Along with enjoying the sport of golf both as a fan and a broadcaster, I helped the LPGA create a video series to help other women get introduced to the game. The idea is if more women become comfortable on the course, they can have more confidence to enter that charity tournament or participate in a shotgun at a conference. After all, many business deals are struck on the course and the modern day woman deserves to be a part of that action.

LPGA’s know before you go



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how a $1 transaction led to building the players championship

Early in the wee hours when the sun is just peering over the horizon, the shadow of an industrial-sized lawn mower can be seen rolling over the greens while sprinklers are watering the bright pink azaleas with the faint smell of jasmine in the air. Nearby, servers are setting up tables and golf carts are getting the 5-star detail treatment in preparation for the day’s festivities.

It’s this calm before the storm where only those who arrive early enough, can take in the true beauty that is TPC Sawgrass before thousands upon thousands of spectators show up to cheer on their favorite golfer in what many consider the 5th Major, THE PLAYERS.

The myth of the major championship in golf

When you think of the word “Major”, most people refer to The Masters, U.S. Open, The Open Championship and the PGA Championship. But did you know that there is no governing body in the world of golf that determines what is, or isn’t a Major Championship?

In fact, the media and only the media determines which tournaments qualify as a Major in their eyes.

Biography of legendary course designer pete dye

In a video series by the PGA, the network features great men who have helped shaped the game of golf into the powerhouse sport that it is today. And they couldn’t really do this series without talking about legendary course designer, Pete Dye.

Dye has designed hundreds of golf courses all around the world including TPC Sawgrass has said he has never drawn a course plan in his life. Instead of following a rigid plan, Dye uses his senses while out on a construction site to build what his mind imagines.

Golf Is A Wonderful Game To Help You In Life. It Has A Way Of Penalizing If You Do Things The Right Way Or The Wrong Way. What Determines The Success Of A Person Is How They Deal With Adversity And Prioritize Their Life; Just Like In Golf.




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