The 5 Stages of Bandwagon Fans

Picture this scenario: It’s Game 7 of the *insert league acronym here* Finals, and your favorite team is playing. This team has had a tough road to get here, and you know every crucial thing that has altered their course throughout the season.

You have given this team many years of love, money, and bloody fingernails. You own five jerseys that you actually paid top dollar for. Not a day goes by where you don’t read a least one article about the team, or at least have a brief conversation about them. (Yes, I am counting the offseason.)

You count down the days until the Draft, maybe even making a list of prospects that you want your team to grab. You may even have a foot tattoo of this team’s logo. At least 60% of your best memories have come from watching this team.

Basically, you are a die-hard fan of this team, and nobody can ever take that from you.

Back to Game 7. In a physical battle between your team and their ninny opponents, your team ends up winning in overtime.

You are ecstatic, and ready to sprint to the stadium, kissing every pretty girl you see on the way there. Your team is CHAMPION!!!

But are they really “your” team? Sure, you may feel entitled to some sort of exclusive fan club, because the love you have for this team only rivals the love you have for your mother.

Does that not allow other people, who give a lot less effort than you do showing loyalty for the team, to enjoy the big victory?

My answer: to an extent.

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