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Have Pity: Wayward QB’s and NFL Teams Who Need Them

NFL quarterbacks have had a rough season. But with the season winding down, let’s take a look at possible QB destinations in 2016 for a number of guys who don’t have a home. And homes looking for a new member to add to the family. Just be sure to have your $.51-cents per day ready. Colin Kaepernick Just two years ago he was losing the Super Bowl and knocking the Packers out of the playoffs every year.  Now Colin’s complete lack of growth means he’s a 28 year old quarterback who plays like a rookie, albeit one with terrific...

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NFL Random Thoughts: Bills Are Now Everyone’s Favorite Team

There are quite a few NFL teams that are getting it done this season without the benefit of great quarterback play, but not too many are doing it better than the Buffalo Bills.   Fresh off an unlikely win over no less than the Green Bay Packers, the Bills and their hellacious defense are now one of three 8-6 teams vying for the final AFC playoff spot. And they’ve done it with a pedestrian combination of EJ Manuel and Kyle Orton under center.  They’ll have one more hurdle to clear if they want to reach the playoffs, however.  They...

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Which Quarterback Does Washington Turn To Now?

The talk had already started, of course, and when talk starts it often continues in spite of the facts, in spite of itself, and the talk before this week’s games was that Robert Griffin III was the wrong quarterback for Washington. And that Colt McCoy, yeah Colt McCoy, was the right one. The talk, of course, is unlikely to stop now, now that McCoy threw for 392 yards and 3 touchdowns against the Colts.  Now that McCoy has thrown 4 TDs and just 1 INT in three games and has a passer rating over 100. Forget, for the moment,...

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