Bourbon and Football: Warm Up With These Hotty Toddy Drink Recipes

Whether it’s during football season or the cold winter months, you can find plenty of excuses to make a Hotty Toddy that can warm you up while you’re busy watching football.

No one may know where the term Hotty Toddy came from, but the term and drink has certainly has become a huge part of the culture for those who attend Ole Miss.

A generations-old cold remedy, the Hotty Toddy usually consisted of a cup of black tea with a teaspoon of honey, squeeze of a lemon and a splash of bourbon – all to be taken right before bed.

But now, thanks to the internet, dozens of variations now exist for the southern staple.

With so many choices which ones are actually worth your money? Glad you asked. We have the answers with these six different ways to make a Hotty Toddy drink.


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