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Girl double fists pizza on kiss-cam and becomes the hero we all deserve

The usefulness of the kiss-cam is often a debate among sports fans. But after watching this girl double fist pizza on the kiss cam during last night’s Hawks/Celtics game, we have a whole new appreciation for America’s favorite delicacy. During Monday night’s Atlanta Hawks and Boston Celtics playoff game the traditional kiss-cam started making its rounds. And when it landed on a cute couple, they went in hard. Like, really hard. But as the crowd’s cheers become louder and louder, the couple doesn’t realize those cheers aren’t for them. It’s for a woman sitting directly behind them who decides to...

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Interview with the NFL’s first female coach Jen Welter

What’s life like for the first female coach in the NFL? Jen Welter joins the ladies to talk about what she learned from her with the Arizona Cardinals, what she has planned next and how coaching men is different from coaching women. Was Erin Andrews given a fair settlement? Along with Jen Welter and our usual Studs and Duds, we get into the ruling on the Erin Andrews case. You might have heard about the incident years back where a serial stalker discovered the hotel location of where then-ESPN reporter Erin Andrews was staying. Not only was this stalker...

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Barbie just made the biggest change since 1957

In somewhat shocking news, Mattel announced Thursday in a special Time Magazine feature of Barbie’s new body shape with three versions of the doll. Barbie has been a symbol of idealistic beauty for decades so it’s refreshing to hear a company give honest and open answers about such a significant change. But it’s also a huge risk the company is only now willing to take. Because people hate change, check out the first reply after the announcement: That reply is one of many hating the decision to add diversity to a lineup that hasn’t changed much over the years....

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