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You’re Guess Is As Good As Ours On NFL Picks This Week

I had a modest rebound week but I will be up front and tell you this week’s crop of games is exceedingly difficult to handicap.  It seems like every favorite is giving too many and no underdog is good enough to take with the points.  I’m at a loss to tell you what kind of strategy to employ. One thing that will hopefully hold true is that teams who flat out look good on the field have tended to continue doing so.  If hot teams stay hot and shaky teams don’t stabilize, you can find your way through this...

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Win or Go Home NFL Games This Week

Now is the time that try men’s souls.  By my count, there are 5 games on the schedule this week that amount to “win or go home” contests for both teams, and a handful more with very serious playoff implications. With so much at stake, this is a week where the teams that really belong come through and find a way to win.  That’s the angle when you’re looking at how these contests may turn out. Last Week:       5-8-3;  1-2-1 Best Picks 2013 Season:  89-82-10 Overall; 20-21-2 Best Picks (All lines as of 11/22/13 @8:30 a.m. – line...

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NFL Outlook for Week 4 is a bit tricky

All good things must come to an end, it seems, and my hot streak was one of them last week, although in my defense I won my office pool last week, the first of many I hope.  In the meantime, this is the point of the season where you have a series of “will they or won’t they” games – showdowns between teams off to highly disappointing starts looking for redemption, games that pit two overachievers against each other, first big tests for teams off to good starts – separating the wheat from the chaffe, therefore, is the mission...

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Your outlook for Week 3 NFL action

Well, it would seem that the one thing I really can’t do this year is figure out my hometown Eagles, who are consistently better or worse than I am expecting them to be.  For the rest of the league, however, I am off to my best start ever, and there are some great games (and some real tough ones) on the schedule this week. Last Week:       11-6-1 Overall;   3-1 Best Picks 2013 Season:  21-12-2 Overall; 5-2 Best Picks Hit the title/continue reading to check out the picks for Week 3 of the NFL… [image source] (All lines as...

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A look at your NFL week two matchups

Most years, I spend week 2 of the NFL season trying to dig my way out of the hole I made in week 1 because it’s so tough to pick games early in the season. Well not this season. I went 10-6-1 opening weekend and 2-1 in Best Picks, so I finally start out in the black for a change. After a glance at this week’s games, however, I think I’m gonna need that head start.  One week of data is still too early to feel like you really know teams and there’s some difficult calls to make once...

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