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Never learned how to play fantasy football? Grab this free guide!

Fantasy football is a game so intertwined into our experience of watching and following the NFL that we can hardly remember a time when it wasn’t there. In a nutshell, fantasy football is about drafting a team of the best available players and using at an excuse to beat your friends at a friendly competition. Of if you’re like our league, the winner of all earns some cold hard cash. It’s become such a part of our society that explosive growth can be seen over a variety of demographics, including the 17 million women who played last year. If you’ve...

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Covering the Spread? The Line? Sports Betting Terms Explained!

I have to admit, I’m one of those sports fans who if I don’t know what something means, I have no shame in asking. Except when it comes to things that I should technically “already know”. That is the problem that I continuously run into the problem of when I hear the terms “cover the spread” or “I’ll take the points”. I do what a lot of girls do, shake my head and smile to give off the perception that “yeah she knows what she’s talking about”. Many girls feel somewhat afraid to ask questions when it comes to...

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