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How Kobe Bryant’s legacy will always be tied to Michael Jordan

The big news in the NBA this week was the announcement by legendary Lakers player Kobe Bryant that this season would be his last.  As with most phases of Kobe’s career, this drew polarizing reactions around the sports world. From sycophantic Stephen A. Smith lamenting what the Buss family had “done” to Kobe by not restocking the Lakers with talent to the cruel  with renewed jeers over the decade old criminal allegations vs. Bryant. In reality, however, Kobe’s legacy is inexorably tied to two people:  Michael Jordan and Phil Jackson. Jackson, because Bryant became only the second player (along...

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Can the Warriors make a run at the Bulls’ record 72 win season?

Congratulations to the remarkable Golden State Warriors, who now officially are off to the best start in the NBA history. But do they have what it takes to beat the Chicago Bulls 72 win record? The Warriors fueled a new discussion about when, if ever, this team is actually going to lose a game. Obviously they will but the more interesting question is whether this team can make a serious run at the record for wins in a season.  The number 72 is held by the ‘95-’96 Chicago Bulls and the answer is yes, absolutely. The Warriors probably won’t...

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Lakers get Swept For First Time Since 1967

WELL! WELL! WELL! Lakers fans take out your brooms and assume the position! SWEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I NEVER ever thought I’d say this but the San Antonio Spurs SWEPT the Lakers in an unprecedented fashion. And to make it better or worse, if you will, Dwight Howard got ejected Sunday as the Lakers ended their tumultuous season with a loss 21-point loss. The Lakers haven’t gotten swept often over the years but they were swept in 1967. And guess who beat them? The SAN FRANCISCO WARRIORS! The irony is that on a day that the San Antonio Spurs beat the Lakers 103-82...

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Kobe Sidelined for Six to Nine Months: Is this the End?

I never ever thought in a million years that I would be saddened by anything that happens to the Lakers organization. But, here we are in 2013, and several times this season I’ve found myself feeling some type of way about the men wearing purple and gold; Kobe particularly. Let’s recap! The Lakers reloaded during the offseason, adding Steve Nash and Dwight Howard to the roster and then opened the season with the worst losing streak the organization has seen. As a result, Coach Mike Brown is fired and Coach Mike D’Antoni is hired. Nash gets hurt, Howard is...

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Jerry Buss Dies at Age 80

I woke up Monday morning ready to brag about how PG Chris Paul of the Los Angeles Clippers won the 2013 NBA All-Star MVP award. I was going to insert my opinions on how much the Lakers sucked this season and poke fun at Lakers’ fans. I was going to make my case about why the Clippers were legitimately shining stars in L.A and no longer the little brothers on the JV team in the big house that we call Staples Center. Well it looks like the Basketball Gods saw it differently, and they called one of their own...

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