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TV Recap: Welcome To Shondaland

Shonda Rhimes is the first person to ever own an entire night of network television (that being Thursday nights on ABC), which is just another way of saying that Shonda has made it so cool to be a strong black woman even Oprah’s jealous. And while her newest baby, How To Get Away With Murder, is holding its Scandal lead-in audience, I was wondering how many tricks Shonda had left up her sleeve. Until this Thursday, of course. How To Get Away With Murder, Scandal At first blush, I perceived How To Get Away With Murder to be a...

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Scandal, Super Fun Night, and The Blacklist [Lazlo’s Clicker]

ABC clearly knows it has not just a hit, but a phenomenon on its hands with Scandal. The Season 3 roll out was treated not like a premiere, but like a television event, and remarkably, the show has seemed to welcome the increased attention and pressure with zeal, delivering a seemingly impossible even higher level of intrigue, plot twists and, well, Scandalous television. Season 3 ventures well inside Scandal’s comfort zone, as we are given a more in depth look at Olivia Pope’s (the heavenly and Emmy-nominated Kerry Washington) past, specifically her relationship with her puppet master father (Joe...

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