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TV Recap: Gotham, Marvel’s Agents of S.h.i.e.l.d., and Scorpion

What an absolute pleasure it is to review Gotham, which I truly and sincerely believe is the next great network drama.  May it run for six seasons! Gotham is not That Batman Show, it is an origin story set approximately a decade before Batman begins (pun intended, this is not the Christopher Nolan universe).  Consequently, the show opens with the murder of 11 year old Bruce Wayne’s parents and moves forward from there.  Wayne (David Mazouz) is not the main character, although it is a brilliant touch that the Bruce Wayne we get to see on this show is...

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Lazlo’s Clicker: House of Cards, Being Human, Smash

HIGHLIGHTS Netflix had a big decision to make with House of Cards, the remake of the BBC political drama that it outbid HBO and AMC for.  Once the first season had been completed, did they release it one episode, one week at a time, or let its customers decide how to watch the show.  They went with the latter, making all 13 episodes available at once.  I suspect that no matter how viewers thought they were going to consume the show, they wound up much like I did.  I sat down to watch the first few episodes, only to...

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