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Rashean Mathis disrespected by Jerks at Restaurant: Twitter Responds in Support

While watching our favorite teams, whether live or on TV, most of us are guilty of shouting insults to players that in that moment, we hope they hear.

But if you were to see that same player out in public and out of uniform, chances are, you wouldn’t shout those same insults to him. This was not the case for Jaguars Corner Rashean Mathis.

While at dinner for a charity function in Jacksonville, I was talking Jags with my table of friends @JLeeper23 and @Islandchaser2 when the server told us about a horrible story he witnessed a short while ago.

The server “John” (name changed for anonymity) said he was working one night when locally raised and defensive star on the Jaguars Rashean Mathis came in for a nice dinner with his family.

Rashean barely had time to finish his salad before a nearby table of what John presumed to be high school guys, walked over to Rashean’s table and said to him “I can’t wait until the Jaguars trade you”. John said he stood there shocked as the kids laughed about it, went back to their table and continued to heckle Rashean who was sitting with his family just a few feet away.

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This Letter Proves NFL Teams Used to Have Balls

In the PC world that we live in, every business, including the NFL strictly monitors how they respond to complaints. This is especially true when it comes to letters from a legal representative.

But that wasn’t the case for one Cleveland Browns fan back in the 1970’s when he sent a letter complaining of the dangers of fans using paper planes made from gameday programs to throw around in the stands.

And while his letter is ridiculous and proves someone will always have something to complain about, the very non-PC response from the Browns legal department is nothing short of fantastic.


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