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The MLB postseason race is heating up

The Toronto Blue Jays have quickly shredded a seven-game deficient in the AL East down to 1. The New York Yankees are in trouble. The New York Mets continue to gradually grow their lead in the NL East up to 4.5. The Houson Astros are still holding off the Angels with 2.5 game lead. Ah, baseball. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. I predicted the playoff picture a week before the trade deadline only to have each of those divisions go the opposite way. Even the Dodgers have a little cushion over San Francisco in the NL...

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Why Players Say They’ll Never Play for Another Coach’ About Tom Coughlin

Tom Coughlin has always been known around the league as one of the toughest guys to play for. But most players who have followed him to the promised land say “I’ll never play for another coach.” In this NFL history lesson, we take a look at Tom Coughlin, who knew from the time he was a young boy he wanted to coach at the highest level. From his days as an assistant coach at Syracuse when the head coach was let go, and subsequently Coughlin was let go as well, he spent a brief period as an insurance salesman...

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Brian Wilson forgets he plays for the Dodgers

During a recent series against the Los Angeles Dodgers, Giants outfielder Juan Perez made an incredible catch near the Dodgers bullpen. At the moment of the catch, you can clearly see former Giants teammate, Brian Wilson, standing to cheer either for a great catch, or he momentarily forgot he no longer plays for the Giants anymore. I’m sure plenty of Giants fans will look at this picture and think Wilson’s heart is still in San Francisco. [image...

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Manning Brothers show off childhood videos in new documentary

  Did you know that Peyton and Eli Manning are BROTHERS?! Shocking. I know. But for most NFL fans, we’ve only heard stories here and there throughout the entire time the Manning brothers have played in the league together. And to commemorate possibly the last time Peyton will ever face his little brother Eli, ESPN’s fantastic 30 for 30 documentary series was able to sit down with football’s royal family to talk about growing up, father Archie and the oldest brother nobody knows about because he doesn’t play football. In the special that airs next Tuesday night, we can...

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Will the Cowboys finally come out on top of the NFC East?

Hey everybody I’m back!  Don’t you hate when real life interferes with your internet life?  I’m happy to have gotten everything settled down and to be able to get back to writing in time to do an NFL Preview.  So let’s start with the worst the NFL has to offer. How bad is the NFC East?  Bad enough that the Philadelphia Eagles, who will almost certainly have a bottom five defense in 2013, could win it.  With no legit contenders here, this is easily the worst division in the NFL. Predicted Finish: Dallas Cowboys (9-7) (4th seed; NFC Wildcard...

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