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Why every geek should attend the GAAM show

Most geeks are aware of main events like San Diego’s Comic-Con and LA’s E3 convention. But for those of us on the East Coast, especially in the South, gaming events are hard to come by. Which is exactly why the event dubbed GAAM — an acronym for Games, Art, and Music — was started up a few years ago and is quickly becoming a huge success. And the next show is right around the corner, with a GAAM Avengers exhibition on Saturday, July 25th. GAAM is a semi-annual event centered around the gaming culture to include art auctions, live music, cosplay contests, vendors...

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How Music in Video Games Has a Lasting Effect

Much like a movie, music in a video game helps to set the scene, develop the mood and conveys the experience as it foreshadows the events to come. It’s because of this importance of music in gaming that local company GAAM, an acronym for games, art and music, was started as a first-of-its-kind cultural event in the south east. Ryan Thompson, one of the founders of GAAM, has wanted to work in the gaming industry since he was knee-high to a grasshopper. Having traveled to numerous gaming conventions on the west coast and in NYC, he realized one of...

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GuysGirl Got to Zelda Cosplay with GAAM For Upcoming Show

GAAM, an acronym that stands for Games Art and Music, is a cultural artshow in Northeast Florida that aims to bring more gaming events to the east coast. GuysGirl has been an avid supporter of GAAM’s cause and coming up, they’re celebrating their 2nd show dubbed The Legend of GAAM that’s essentially one giant show to show off everyone’s love of the iconic franchise, Zelda. At the show, there will be remixed retro gaming music to jam out to, video games to play, beer, food, and incredible artwork on display. It’s Zelda’s 25th anniversary and lucky for us, GuysGirl...

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