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Never learned how to play fantasy football? Grab this free guide!

Fantasy football is a game so intertwined into our experience of watching and following the NFL that we can hardly remember a time when it wasn’t there. In a nutshell, fantasy football is about drafting a team of the best available players and using at an excuse to beat your friends at a friendly competition. Of if you’re like our league, the winner of all earns some cold hard cash. It’s become such a part of our society that explosive growth can be seen over a variety of demographics, including the 17 million women who played last year. If you’ve...

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4 easy ways to prep for your fantasy football draft

Preseason football is well underway and real college games start next week. So that can only mean one thing…. Fantasy draft season is here! While some have been prepping weeks in advance for their draft, most scramble at the last minute to find suitable rankings. You don’t need a binder filled with data and magazines galore, just a few sheets and you’re well on your way to dominating your fantasy league.   Print Out a Top 200 Rankings Sheet   This is the easiest way to keep track of who has already been drafted and who the best available...

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Week 8 fantasy football start ’em and sit ’em

We passed the halfway point of the fantasy football season with Week 8 and good quarterback play continues to come from unexpected players. Ryan Fitzpatrick has been great in fantasy the last two weeks and so has Jay Cutler. Jameis Winston and Kirk Cousins each had big weeks in Week 7 as well. It’s not hard to find a quarterback who will delivery 17 or so points these days. WEEK 8 FANTASY FOOTBALL Start ‘Em QB: Jay Cutler Cutler’s scored 17, 17, and 19 points during the last three weeks and that was without a healthy Alshon Jeffery. The Vikings defense...

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Who are the biggest fantasy football surprises so far?

A lot of weird things have been happening this season in fantasy football. Just a quick sample… A defense is in the top 10 overall points. Andy Dalton wrecks good defenses regularly and the leader in points wasn’t slated to be the starter. Andrew Luck still and will always play a big part in who succeeds and doesn’t in fantasy. But the biggest surprise? Devonta Freeman That’s right — Devonta Freeman leads the NFL in fantasy football points and he is the biggest of this year’s fantasy football surprises. Coming into the season he went un drafted or super later because...

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