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Why Chip Kelly didn’t last with the Eagles

The breaking news this week is that the Eagles fired head coach and de facto GM Chip Kelly? Wondering what went wrong?  Simple. Kelly, like many before him, wrongfully believed that his almighty system was more important than the people in it.  This kind of hubris is a recipe of NFL failure, and it’s been proven so again and again and again. Kelly’s demise was inevitable, but was accelerated by the fact that Kelly’s GM roster moves were atrocious and his beloved system leads to overly simplified play calling that only took NFL defensive coordinators two seasons to solve...

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Chip Kelly: Brilliant mad scientist or crazy person?

We’re four weeks into the NFL season, and one of the league’s most controversial figures (behind Rex Ryan and Bill Belichick) is under the microscope — Chip Kelly. In an eventful offseason, Kelly made headlines with big traders that were exciting for some but head-scratchers for most. From day one, we knew Chip Kelly would be on the hot seat if his extreme moves didn’t pan out, but how is he doing so far — brilliant, mad scientist or just a crazy person? Argument: Chip Kelly Is a Brilliant Mad Scientist Chip Kelly came into the NFL to prove that he...

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Tim Tebow-mania takes over Philadelphia

It’s a preseason game against a team in the Indianapolis Colts who have a franchise quarterback and could care less about exhibition games. But it’s also Tim Tebow. He’s been out of football for two years, and in his first game action for the Philadelphia Eagles, he wasn’t as bad as he could have been. For his first NFL game in two years, Tebow went 6-for-12 for 69 yards and a 7-yard touchdown. And a standing ovation. It looks like Tebow fans are finally getting what they’ve waited two years for and they’re not afraid to show how they...

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Forget the Tostitos, Grab Some Popcorn: 2013 Fiesta Bowl Preview

On the morning of November 17, Kansas State and Oregon appeared headed for a titanic matchup to end the season. That indeed came to pass, just not in the manner both teams would have preferred. Both the Ducks and the Wildcats were undefeated and sitting at 1-2 in the BCS standings. However, both teams suffered shocking upsets that evening that knocked them out of the running for the national championship. Instead, they’ll have to settle for what should be a compelling Fiesta Bowl and one of the most-anticipated games of the bowl slate. #4 Oregon Ducks (11-1) vs. #5...

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