First Season Of Bob’s Burgers is Available On Netflix Instant. Worth Watching?

bobs burgers, tv, cartoon sitcoms

It took me a while to gain any interest in checking out Bob’s Burgers.

When it first debuted on FOX, I didn’t tune in mostly because the animation wasn’t appealing to me. But also, I was burned out on cartoon sitcoms.

I grew up on The Simpsons, lived off of South Park, and laughed hard with Family Guy. And that list is not close to comprehensive.

I noticed Netflix added season one of Bob’s Burgers. I noticed it with squinty eyes, like, you’re not slick. I see what you’re doing here. You want me to WATCH YOU.

Still, no spark of interest happened until I was browsing Reddit one day and someone posted a short clip of Bob’s Burgers. I kind of chuckled. Later that day, by coincidence, I watched another clip and that one was slightly funny too.

OK, I thought, time to give it a go. It took me by surprise.

bobs burgers, cartoon sitcoms, tv


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