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Anquan Boldin isn’t so over the hill; This and other NFL week 1 thoughts

As with any offseason, plenty of big name players changed teams, but did anyone make a bigger week one impact for his team than Anquan Boldin? Coming off a Super Bowl winning season with the Ravens, Boldin, now a member of the team the Ravens beat, the 49ers, caught 13 passes for 208 yards and a touchdown. For those keeping score at home, Boldin caught half of the passes Colin Kaepernick completed, for half of the yards his quarterback put up.  Nice work for a guy who was “over the hill” 2 years ago, eh? Hit the title/read more...

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Who’s Got the Edge In the Super Bowl MVP Race?

There’s only one Super Bowl, there will be only one winner, and  there will be only one player who wins MVP of the biggest game of the year (most likely, anyway.  There have been ties in the past).  Who will it be this year?  Here’s my list of the players in the running, in order of likelihood. Hit the title/continue reading to read more. . . Joe Flacco – Quarterbacks are always the most likely choices to win.  Why Flacco over Kaepernick as the most likely?  One, despite being underdogs, I think the Ravens are going to win the...

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