What Team Will Be the First To Over Reach in the NFL Draft?

If last year’s draft was “chalk,” with everyone penciling in Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin at the top of their draft boards, then this year’s draft is much more like this year’s NCAA tournament – no consensus, expect the unexpected, plenty of “upsets” on the horizon.

It’s rare that the top 5 or so of an NFL draft isn’t very clear by this point, with the event less than a week away, but that’s where we’re all at, with the top five in a state of flux, theories about trade-ups and trade-downs abounding and a pervading sense that anything can happen.

This may not be a star-studded draft like last year, but EVERY draft has far-reaching consequences for the teams in it, and the future of every NFL franchise will be impacted by what happens next.

Once again, the draft is stretched out to an unnecessary three days, April 25 through April 27.  I guess my laments that they should go back to a two day draft will never be heard.

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