Now that the NFL has passed it’s insane rule about purses larger than the size of your hand, it might time to invest in a durable clear bag filled with only the essentials.

While many women can get along with just pockets, some women carry everything in their purse, so it’s important to be prepared even at a football game.

In an ideal football emergency kit, you would have pint-sized products of deodorant, lip gloss, mini brush/mirror combo, aspirin, sunglasses, concealer/powder compact, koozie, wisp toothbrushes, hair ties, hair spray and baby wipes!

If you make this kit and put these supplies into a smaller clear bag, it could also be perfect to throw in your regular purse for nights out on the town.

Below is an example of an emergency we sold on the site last year and all the products used in the small backpack…

Make Your Own Football Game Emergency Kit