The Jaguars made news the other day as becoming the 7th team in the NFL to add an official women’s fan club. Which begged the question from many readers as to what other teams around the league have fan clubs as well.

In the State of the NFL Female Fan research compiled in January, we found some pretty interesting info on the NFL’s outreach, or lack there of, to a fan base that represents 45% of the league.

The following is the research gathered in January on the NFL Women’s Fan Clubs:

League-wide, there are currently only 6 official women’s fan clubs formed by the team itself to include the Ravens, Chargers, Colts, Broncos, Redskins and Texans.

And while it’s commendable that these specific teams are making an effort to reach out to it’s female fanbase, most of the attempts are nothing more than a discount off team gear and the chance to learn the basic rules of football.

Meg, member of the Raven’s Purple fan club put it perfectly when she said “There really is only one BIG event every year, which is A Purple Evening, and it sells out pretty quickly. Otherwise, it’s generally just another email newsletter that I get monthly”.

In fact, the only women’s club worth noting belongs to the Colts. The CWC (Colt’s Women’s Club) is run by two out of the three daughters of  team owner, Jim Irsay.  While the club has a $100 fee, the benefits package of goodies like a hat, shirt, totebag among team merchandise deals and access to discounted events, pays for itself in the long run.

Personally, $100 seems a little steep to join a women’s club since you’re most-likely already paying for season tickets to watch said team. But depending on how many events are thrown during the year, the dues could very well pay for itself in the end and offer up a great way to meet other like-minded women fans.

Along with the game, women love the social aspect of football. That’s why tailgating and fashion are some of the most profitable segments within the NFL and College football industries. So it’s a little surprising that more teams aren’t taking advantage of local partnerships and sponsorship opportunities to create more events where more women can gather and…..GASP! Talk about their product and why they love it.

While at least one more official fan club is rumored to be on the way, it’s going to take a whole new approach to these fan clubs to make it seem more worthwhile than just another monthly email


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