In an industry that only continues to grow, there are a few things to consider when choosing the proper gameday outfit. Dressing appropriately for the event while keeping weather in mind has developed a certain number of unwritten rules.

One of these unwritten rules is in regard to wearing pink to a game. Why you ask? It’s because before a word is spoken, female fans are automatically determined as inferior of sports knowledge simply because of your gender. You constantly have to prove your “fanhood knowledge” to the males and even diehard female sports fans every time you step into a stadium, walk into a sports bar or join a tailgating cookout. Unless it’s Breast Cancer Awareness month, you should always opt to wear your team colors over a gender-biased color.

As the NFL has learned that slapping pink on merchandise won’t cut it anymore, the good news is that the female fan population is rewarded with more and more options every single year to wear their team colors but with a style all their own.



Multiple stores and e-commerce websites across the county have started popping up where college-aged women entrepreneurs saw a need for cute gameday clothing in their team colors. The designs range from flowy tops to scarves and some of the cutest gameday-practical dresses you will lay eyes on.

While most of these options are little pricy to purchase for every single game of the season, it certainly wouldn’t be out of the question to splurge on an outfit that marks a special occasion such as Homecoming, the Rivalry Game and Monday Night Football.

Another method is to go to stores that have your team’s color pallet. Stores like Forever 21 and Wet Seal are perfect places to pick up an affordable gameday out with your team’s colors that won’t break the bank.



A more practical approach to putting your own stamp on gameday clothing is making your own attire.

Even though the more experienced seamstress would always recommend a sewing machine with carefully mastered patterns, most of us don’t want to spend a whole lot of money or time on a gameday outfit.

These days, there are many options at your local craft store to dress your own creations including iron-on seams that adhere to any fabric and glue that’s machine-washable. One of your best bets is to use those oversized (and cheap!) T-shirts and search GuysGirl for tutorials on the numerous ways to cut up the T-shirt that transforms it include new outfits like a sundress, tank top or strapless tank.