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Who Are The Most Influential Fighters In Boxing And MMA Today?

Last month, Anthony Joshua and Wladimir Klitschko filled out a 90,000-seater stadium in the UK in what was dubbed one of the biggest boxing events ever staged in the sport. Joshua, the younger man, beat one of the legends of the heavyweight sport in what was a very memorable contest. The fight was only the third event in history to be shared by two of the major networks in the USA, HBO, and Showtime – in fact, the broadcast on the latter channel drew an average of 659,000 viewers, while it exceeded 10 million in Germany. It is proof that boxing and other combat sports such as MMA are thriving in today’s market.

Boxing and MMA have historically been male-dominated sports. However, that has changed. Olympian Katie Taylor was on the undercard at Wembley and is set to feature in a main event in the USA soon as her stock continues to rise.

Here is a look at the four most influential female fighters in boxing and MMA today.

Nicola Adams – Boxing

British boxer Nicola Adams is a two-time Olympic gold medalist as she ruled her division in London and Rio de Janeiro to establish herself as one of the most successful amateur women boxers in history. Adams is the first female boxer to win an Olympic title and she has used that record to promote the sport to women in the UK are who looking to follow their role model.

Adams recently turned professional where she made her debut in Manchester, England last month. She defeated Virginia Noemi Carcamo on points over four rounds. Her promoter Frank Warren will be looking to make his boxer a world champion in the quickest time as possible.

Joanna Jedrzejczyk – MMA

Joanna Jedrzejczyk is regarded as the pound-for-pound number one female fighter in UFC today. She won the women’s strawweight title back in March 2015 and since then has defended her title on four occasions.

Jedrzejczyk is the only female Polish UFC champion in history and only the fourth to come from Europe. Given her success though, she has a huge following around the world and is considered one of the most successful female MMA fighters ever in the sport.

Her next defense of her belt will be against Jessica Andrade at UFC 2011 where she is the favorite at 4/7 with Betway Sports to remain unbeaten after that contest. It looks like this Polish powerhouse is here to stay.

Ronda Rousey – MMA

Arguably the most recognizable female name in MMA is Rowdy Ronda Rousey. The American won a bronze medal at the Olympics in Beijing in 2008. She switched to UFC in 2011 and since then has held the UFC women’s bantamweight title which she lost to Holly Holm in November 2015.

Rousey’s success in MMA has led to her other projects including acting, as she has featured in the Expendables 3, Fast and Furious 7 and Entourage. In 2015 she was voted as the ESPN’s best female athlete where she took 52% of the vote and finished ahead of Serena Williams in the poll.

After over a year out of the sport, Rousey returned to the octagon last December to face Amanda Nunes where the former was beaten by TKO in the opening round of that contest. She is expected to feature again later this year in the bantamweight division.

Katie Taylor – Boxing

Irish boxer Katie Taylor won gold at the Olympics in London in 2012 and has had a hugely successful amateur career winning every major gold medal there is to claim in the sport. The 30-year-old is a huge name in Ireland and is increasingly becoming a bigger star in the USA where she is set to make her debut in the upcoming months as a professional.

Taylor won the vacant WBA female inter-continental lightweight title on the Joshua-Klitschko undercard last month after stopping German Nina Meinke in the seventh round. She is expected to fight for a world title later in 2017 and has been tipped to become one of the biggest stars in women’s boxing in the USA and Europe.

With the four female athletes all thriving in their respective sports today, boxing and MMA are only going to continue to grow as the next generation of stars will be watching and hoping to emulate their success in the future.

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Victoria Coren Mitchell: A Polymath Entertainer and Brainiac

Victoria Coren Mitchell might have popped up on your radar for any number of reasons. As a young girl barely in her teens her first story appeared in an edition of Just Seventeen magazine. Her successes only gathered momentum when she started her own column in The Daily Telegraph that dealt with the topics of being teenagers in 1980s UK. A real-life Carrie Bradshaw, Victoria Coren, as she was known then (and still prefers to be called), wrote works pertaining to dating, sex and romance.

If that sort of topic isn’t your proverbial cup of tea, you may know her from her numerous and increasingly common appearances on UK panel shows such as QI, Have I Got News for You?, and The Unbelievable Truth. The host of the latter, David Mitchell, became her husband in 2012.

Never one to shy away from an intellectual confrontation, she is the current host of BBC Radio 4’s Heresy program, in which fervently held beliefs such as “travel broadens the mind”, “women look better in men’s clothing than [vice versa]”, or “the bankers are to blame for getting us into this mess” are put to the test by Victoria and her guest panel. No less of a mental romp, she also hosts the game show Only Connect in which two teams are pitted against one another to find connections between clues that are at first glance entirely unrelated. The game is well-known for being fiendishly difficult and arguably “Britain’s hardest quiz show” as the Guardian suggests.

Before her career as a presenter, however, she was a professional poker player. With a degree from Oxford University and a solid intellectual background as demonstrated by her numerous achievements, it’s no surprise that as a poker pro she was the first ever to win the European Poker Tour twice, as we read on her 888poker profile. Of course, this was after breaking the gender barrier the first time she won the prestigious competition. Not one for greed, she donated a portion of her nearly 2m euro winnings to Age UK, a charity that looks after elders residents in the UK.

As if an enviable career as a professional poker player and presenter for TV and radio shows wasn’t enough — to say nothing of her career as a teenage writer for a well-established newspaper — she also adapted John Diamond’s columns into a play before adapting it again into a program that was broadcast on the BBC.

Victoria continues to demonstrate her prowess across the spectrum of all entertainment media. It’s s a genuine wonder that she has found the time to become a mother in 2012. With a stamina that feels almost superhuman when compared with how difficult it is for the average person simply to get down to the gym in the mornings, she’s certainly one to keep eye on — and easily done as it seems there’s hardly a field in which she hasn’t plunged into with a splash of success!

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The Jaguars need to intensify their coaching search ASAP

The Jaguars were expected to kick their coaching search into overdrive by Monday afternoon but haven’t experienced nearly as much hullabaloo as some people expected. (Find up to date NFL Lines at MyBookie).

Right now, though, the Jaguars need more of a push in their coaching search because it could mean receiving their pick of the assistant coach litter.

The longer they wait, the more assistants they will lose as it becomes a game of musicals chairs that the Jaguars desperately need to win.

Rumors have suggested an interview has been scheduled for interim head coach Doug Marrone,  whose second game with the franchise ended in a 24-20 loss to Indianapolis on Sunday.

Denver, Buffalo, Jaguars, Los Angeles and San Francisco are all likely to fight over the same list of coordinators; a list that includes individuals with head-coaching experience and those looking for their first shot.

Looking at the Jaguars, they will likely target a candidate with an offensive background and also head-coaching experience.

It is difficult to determine just how long this particular coaching search will take. In the 2002 season, it took them 19 days to make the necessary hires; that number came down to 11 days after the 2011 season, then rose to 18 days after the 2012 season. Once General Manager Dave Caldwell came on board in 2012, the coaching search barely took a week.

If the Jaguars delay the search, they are bound to fall further down the attractiveness list with more jobs opening up in the coming days and weeks.

Indianapolis is an interesting component to consider; there is a chance that general manager Ryan Grigson and Coach Chuck Pagano could receive the boot from Jim Irsay; if that happens, all the coaching talent will set its sights upon the Colts. While a spot like San Diego is an uncertain franchise where no one would be surprised if they went looking for a first-time head coach.

The Jaguars still have ways to go before getting their hands on a coach, primarily because of the procedures they must traverse; they have to submit paperwork to the NFL office to get the necessary permission to talk to coaches of other teams.

This includes coaches whose contracts are expiring; once this is done, the Jaguars will have to send officials to talk to assistant coaches on teams with a playoff bye later this week. This will probably include Kyle Shanahan from Atlanta, Josh McDaniels from Boston and Scott Linehan from Dallas. McDaniels is most likely their target; rumors have already surfaced suggesting that the Jaguars have reached out to McDaniels. Because of the considerable emphasis they are placing on head-coaching experience, the Jaguars will probably ignore Shanahan who has been an NFL assistant for 13 years.

The Jaguars have a big decision to make and quickly if they hope to turn their underperforming team around with the best candidate available.


Featured image via NFL ESPN

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