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Who Are The Most Influential Fighters In Boxing And MMA Today?

Last month, Anthony Joshua and Wladimir Klitschko filled out a 90,000-seater stadium in the UK in what was dubbed one of the biggest boxing events ever staged in the sport. Joshua, the younger man, beat one of the legends of the heavyweight sport in what was a very memorable contest. The fight was only the third event in history to be shared by two of the major networks in the USA, HBO, and Showtime – in fact, the broadcast on the latter channel drew an average of 659,000 viewers, while it exceeded 10 million in Germany. It is proof...

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Victoria Coren Mitchell: A Polymath Entertainer and Brainiac

Victoria Coren Mitchell might have popped up on your radar for any number of reasons. As a young girl barely in her teens her first story appeared in an edition of Just Seventeen magazine. Her successes only gathered momentum when she started her own column in The Daily Telegraph that dealt with the topics of being teenagers in 1980s UK. A real-life Carrie Bradshaw, Victoria Coren, as she was known then (and still prefers to be called), wrote works pertaining to dating, sex and romance. If that sort of topic isn’t your proverbial cup of tea, you may know her...

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The Jaguars need to intensify their coaching search ASAP

The Jaguars were expected to kick their coaching search into overdrive by Monday afternoon but haven’t experienced nearly as much hullabaloo as some people expected. (Find up to date NFL Lines at MyBookie). Right now, though, the Jaguars need more of a push in their coaching search because it could mean receiving their pick of the assistant coach litter. The longer they wait, the more assistants they will lose as it becomes a game of musicals chairs that the Jaguars desperately need to win. Rumors have suggested an interview has been scheduled for interim head coach Doug Marrone,  whose...

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