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The 2016 College Football season is already a wild one

Even though it was just one full weekend in the books, the 2016-17 college football season started with a bang back in early September, with shots being heard around the nation. Some prohibitive favorites expected to be in the title hunt come the post-season fell (Oklahoma, LSU, Notre Dame etc.), though all were close and exciting losses. Meantime, some of the prohibitive favorites (also expected to be in the title hunt) such as Alabama, Clemson, Florida State, Ohio State, Michigan etc. all won, with only FSU having to rally from a sizable deficit to score the victory, while Tigers...

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Concussion Monitoring 2.0: How LSU’s mouthguard tech is changing the game

Colleges like LSU are helping tech companies discover how to monitor and diagnose concussions more efficiently using mouthguards with computer chips. How concussions are treated has increasingly become a hot topic and there’s finally a football program being proactive about the issue. Earlier in the 2014 season, LSU partnered with Seattle-based company i1 Biometrics to outfit players with specialized mouthguards that measure head impacts during practice and games. From Geek Wire: A tiny chip inside the mouthguard — along with an accelerometer, gyroscope, battery, and antennas — helps show the severity and location of impact to a player’s head, with all the...

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