The biggest game of the year is upon us and while many are planning events centered around it, we asked ourselves, “Are Super Bowl watch parties overrated?”

Hint: Yes. Yes they are.

This might sound depressing — or, maybe, like I lack friends — but I don’t mind watching sporting events alone. I actually prefer it to a large viewing party.

This is no exception for the Super Bowl.

I seem to ask myself these questions after attending a Super Bowl party:

Do you wish you’d paid more attention to the game?

Do you pray that the crowds of people would quiet down?

Do you wish the 12-pack and big screen were all yours?

If you answered yes to these questions, I suggest you take a break from either:

a) being the people-pleaser host.

b) being the party-hopper for Super Bowl 50 on Sunday.

If you’re a fan of football and Super Bowl commercials, it’s probably best to avoid Super Bowl parties altogether.

From my experience, a bulk of the time is spent away from the TV. On my birthday last year, I attended a Super Bowl party because I had hopes it would defy my expectations. Instead, I left the party at halftime because I missed the entire first half. I found myself blocked in the kitchen by people interested in conversation, while I was interested in how many touchdown passes Tom Brady had thrown.

I’m also a pretty intense sports fan. I have rituals and I shout at the TV screen. Sometimes I curse. And I prefer to be at home if my favorite team happens to be in the Super Bowl (just in case they lose, so I can cry in private).  I’m more passionate than most of the casual Super Bowl party-goers.

For most SB party-goers, it’s another social event in the calendar year to make an appearance at. For me, it’s another sporting event in the calendar year to possibly trigger a heart attack or stroke or some other health issue.

The best part about watching the Super Bowl on your own is there’s no one to please.

You can wear sweatpants, throw your hair in the messiest of buns and throw back five beers without judgment. You don’t have to clean your apartment! Or cook! You can even take a nap during halftime if you’re not feeling the musical act. Just don’t forget to set an alarm so you wake up for the second half.

And this is truly the best part: you’re not really alone. Twitter provides passionate solo-watchers, like myself, people to interact with during sporting events. Instant friends.

So instead of stressing out about which appetizer you’re going to bring to your best friend’s boyfriend’s friend’s Super Bowl party this weekend, consider reserving a seat on your couch.

I’ve already got my Broncos mojo ready (including Colorado beer and Orange Crush) and my dog Elway said that he’d be more than willing to watch with me. Of course, he has no choice.

The article was written by Heather Nelson. You can follow Heather on Twitter and check out more of her fantastic work via her website.