Even though it was just one full weekend in the books, the 2016-17 college football season started with a bang back in early September, with shots being heard around the nation.

Some prohibitive favorites expected to be in the title hunt come the post-season fell (Oklahoma, LSU, Notre Dame etc.), though all were close and exciting losses.

Meantime, some of the prohibitive favorites (also expected to be in the title hunt) such as Alabama, Clemson, Florida State, Ohio State, Michigan etc. all won, with only FSU having to rally from a sizable deficit to score the victory, while Tigers from South Carolina held off the Auburn Tigers on a Hail Mary at game’s end.

So what can female college football fans gather from early season action, be it opening weekend or late September?

Well, one thing to take away from it all is that no matter what college football fan blog you might enjoy reading; many of the “experts” will, in fact, tell you that there is no clear-cut favorite to win it all this season.

Sure, defending champ Alabama looked impressive in a 52-6 romp over traditional power USC but have you looked at Alabama’s schedule, especially away from home?

The Crimson Tide find their 2016 schedule showing road dates at Ole Miss, Arkansas, Tennessee, and LSU, three of whom were ranked in the Top 20 coming into the season.

Meantime, some teams maybe a little under the radar (Houston, Louisville, Michigan State etc.) are not likely to win the national championship, but they could very well help determine who does.

College Atmosphere Sets It Apart from Pros

While there are those women who love the NFL more than anything else, many others will tell you that the excitement and pageantry of college football is unlike anything else going.

Get around or a little over 100,000 raging fans on any Saturday during the season in Ann Arbor, Mich., State College, Pa., Tuscaloosa, Ala., Baton Rouge, La., or Knoxville, Tenn., and you have an atmosphere that is hard to duplicate around any NFL stadium on any given Sunday, though some NFL fans certainly take things to the extreme (albeit positive most of the time).

So, if you were given the opportunity to go to any college football town on any Saturday this season, where would you find the best time?

Well, that, of course, depends on which team you root for, how much you enjoy tailgating, not to mention what your wallet or purse looks like.

Ladies, take a look at the schedule of any college football powerhouse and you will see that ticket prices for home games can vary to quite a degree.

For instance, want a ticket to see the famed Iron Bowl (being played this season in Tuscaloosa) between Auburn and Alabama?

As of early September, tickets on some of the better-known ticketing sites were starting at around $225.

Now, don’t mind going the weekend before to see ‘Bama host Tennessee-Chattanooga? If not, you can find tickets for that game for less than $30 on multiple sites.

Yes, who your favorite team is playing will dictate ticket prices in many cases, but if you’re a rabid enough fan, you are probably more than willing to shell out several hundred dollars to see your team take on a hated opponent at home.

Season Rushes By Quickly

Lastly, don’t sit back and figure you will get around to watching some college football as Thanksgiving approaches.

Unlike the NHL, NBA and MLB seasons, seasons that seem to go on longer than eternity itself, the college football season is here and gone before you know it.

Yes, the season does run until early January when the national title game is held, but there are only three full months (Sept. – Nov.) of full play, with scattered regular-season and bowl games set for December and January.

If you have your sights set on following another exciting season of college football, though prices are just a little too high for you to make it out to a game, get your recliner and television ready, pour yourself a cold beverage, and sit back and watch the madness unfold.

Sure, college basketball builds itself with the famed March Madness title, but the madness that evolves each and every season on the college gridiron is certainly a kick for many ladies nationwide.

Author Jessica Socheski is busy watching or attending various college football games on Saturdays. You can reach her on Twitter @JessicaSocheski on most days though. 

Featured image via Brandon on Twitter