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So Shiny! Pictures of every Super Bowl ring in NFL history

The Super Bowl ring is the icing on the cake to any team skilled enough to win the NFL championship. But along with the tradition of giving out Super Bowl rings, comes along some pretty quirky facts and history tidbits that many people may not be aware of.

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18 Awesome new rules for your next Kings Cup drinking game

Kings Cup is one of the best ice breakers to get the conversation flowing. Check out these 18 new rules you’ve probably never heard of.

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Fantasy Football Punishment Ideas For Losers in Your League

Looking for a way to spice up your league? Check out our fantasy football punishment ideas for losers in your league.

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Jaguars, Unsportsmanlike Behavior, Kareem Hunt, and Favorite Cities to Visit

You would think the NFL would learn from past mistakes. But if their response to the latest domestic violence incident involving Kansas City Chiefs running back Kareem Hunt is any indication, they haven’t learned a damn thing. 

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Interviewing Cincinnati Reds GM Brad Kullman on his new draft concept to avoid tanking

Former Cincinnati Reds GM Brad Kullman in his new book ‘Losing to Win’ details how sports leagues should adopt a new drafting concept to avoid tanking.

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Jessica Blaylock: Interview with Miami Marlins and Florida Panthers Sideline Reporter

Jessica Blaylock was born and raised in Jacksonville, spent some time at sports radio station 1010XL before being promoted to the big leagues as FOX Sports sideline reporter for both the Miami Marlins and the Florida Panthers. Jessica was the first woman in sports...
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Throw this whole Jaguars team in rice

Sunday’s Jaguars-Cowboys game left much to be desired for fans in Jacksonville. So the ladies of Helmets and Heels have another therapeutic vent session asking where it all went wrong. Plus some fun discussions on Kawhi Leonard’s laugh and the most annoying sounds in the world. (not related) 

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Jaguars get to 3-1 record and now face off against the undefeated Chiefs

The Jaguars-Jets game resulted in Jacksonville finishing the first quarter of the season with a 3-1 record. But as the team strives to make winning consistently a thing, they head to Kansas City this weekend to face off against the undefeated Chiefs. 

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Blake Bortles out-plays Tom Brady and looks to do the same against Blaine Gabbert

If I told you a year ago, Blake Bortles would out-play Tom Brady in an AFC Championship rematch you would assume I was on some really good drugs. But I’m not! And Blake did! We recap his stellar performance and preview Blaine Gabbert making his return trip to Duval on this week’s show. 

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Where a Patriots fan asks Jaguars fans what to expect in the AFC Championship rematch

The Jaguars have their first home game this weekend who’s coming to town? The New England Patriots in an epic AFC Championship rematch that has the whole town hype.

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