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Jaguars fans had something to cheer about on Sunday in the beat down of the Texans. We recap the game plus Hurricane Irma relief and JaxAsOne campaign.

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Sports Without Cable: How I cut the cord and still watched all the big games

Have you been wondering how to watch sports without cable? I just cut the cord and want to help you save money without missing your favorite team play!

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Why is makeup shaming at the gym still a thing?

Makeup shaming could be happening to you and you wouldn’t even know it! The ladies debate on what they think about women who wear makeup to the gym.

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Interview with Beth Mowins: NFL’s 2nd Woman to Call Play-by-Play

Beth Mowins is only the 2nd woman to call play-by-play for an NFL game and she joined the ladies of ‘Helmets and Heels’ to talk about those expectations.

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Never learned how to play fantasy football? Grab this free guide!

Fantasy football is a game so intertwined into our experience of watching and following the NFL that we can hardly remember a time when it wasn’t there. In a nutshell, fantasy football is about drafting a team of the best available players and using at an excuse...
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Are women-only sports shows sexist?

Women in sports radio have fought a long time to have a seat at the sports opinion table. But now that we have two all-female sports shows, are we sexist?

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Colin Kaepernick and theories on why NBA ratings are down on ‘Helmets and Heels’

NBA ratings are down 20 percent compared to this time last year. What’s the reason for the drop? We theorize on the latest episode of ‘Helmets and Heels’.

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Is March the greatest sports month of the year? This PLUS Ezekiel Elliott and Jaguars free agency moves

‘Helmets and Heels’ discuss if March Madness makes this the best sports month on the calendar. This PLUS Ezekiel Elliott and Jaguars free agency moves.

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Should standing for the National Anthem be mandated in sports?

U.S. Soccer made some news last week when they released a new rule requiring all of their players to stand respectfully when the National Anthem is played. The ladies of ‘Helmets and Heels’ debate if this should be mandated to begin with or if more leagues should adopt this rule.

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If the NFL bans players from the combine, why not ban them from the league?

The NFL banned Joe Mixon and others from attending the combine this weekend based off their criminal past. And that left the ladies of Helmets and Heels to debate if the NFL should ban guys like this from the league altogether.

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