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Meet Jason Caffey: Jacksonville’s NFL Lifeguard

The Jaguars have a unique NFL Stadium, home to two pools; which is why seeing a man walking past the concession stands in swim trunks and an exposed chest isn’t likely to elicit any loud outcries of complaint. The Jaguars are not the best football team around. Simply looking at the updated NFL odds can tell you that much.

However, taking a stroll around Jacksonville’s football residence, you wouldn’t know that the Jaguars were struggling to rebuild once again and the presence of one Jason Caffey is of little consequence.

Caffey, if you didn’t know has the strangest job in football as supervisor to the Stadium’s five lifeguards. He earns $15 an hour to do his job during Jaguar home games and college football contests.

Two hours before the Jaguars hosted the Houston Texans Caffey was wearing sweatpants, a gray long-sleeved shirt, and a wide-brimmed hat, sitting by the pool while wearing sunglasses at a time when many parts of the country were blanked by snow.

Caffey suggested that, as supervisor over the Stadium’s many pool parties, he probably had the best job in the world. Since the morning of that day, Caffey had done little more than take breakfast at the Stadium and command his staff to scrutinize the premises.

Caffey was working as a lifeguard at a nearby beach when he was sixteen. He is currently in his third season at the Spas. Interestingly enough, Caffey and his lifeguards do not have whistles, and it doesn’t look like they have ever really needed them.

The pools, which are located in the east and west of the north end zone play host to a variety of individuals, from sailors from the Navy to Bachelor parties; Caffey and his staff are charged with enforcing the rules.

This includes keeping animals, food, and beverages away from the Spa. Caffey’s experience has taught him how to spot trouble, and adults often present more of a challenge than children.

An hour to the game with the Houston Texans, Caffey was watching intently as Jaguars and Texans fans mixed freely in the spa, wearing bikinis and tank tops, taking selfies and safely maneuvering around the subject of either team’s chance of success.

There was very little in the way of trouble. By kickoff, all eyes were on Bortles throwing an interception on the Jaguars opening possession, all except for a group of models just settling into the pool and who kept having to contend with the attention of football fans throughout the game, many of whom were content with taking a selfie or two.

It wasn’t until halftime that the atmosphere really picked up, primarily because of all the beer and wine and vodka flowing, this while the Jaguars trailed the Texans. Caffey had to keep one woman from bringing her drink into the pool with a stern word.

The game ended with a loss for the Jaguars; but the people in the pool barely noticed, taking advantage of the opportunity to stay for an additional two hours in what has been called the fifth quarter.

Caffey kept a keen eye out on the action, probably curious as to how he was so lucky as to snag such a perfect gig.


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Shad Khan meets with coaches, players after Raiders loss

Shad Khan’s time with the Jacksonville Jaguars hasn’t exactly been sunny. Ever since he bought the team in 2011, the Jaguars have lost 54 times. So, following their loss to the Raiders, it was only natural for Khan to reach out to his people in an attempt to better understand the barriers preventing them from achieving success. NFL Lines analysts have been buzzing about this meeting since then.

And one cannot help but wonder whether Khan’s direct intervention will change anything on the ground. Khan reached out to the players and coaches on Monday. And according to reports, the Jaguars owner wasn’t confrontational in his approach.

Instead, he sought to better understand why the Jaguars were not winning more games; he was especially interested in figuring out whether there was anything he could possibly do to change things for the better.

The meeting took place at the Jaguars facility, and, considering their recent performance, the coaches were probably happy with the lighter tone of the gathering, this as opposed to the anger and frustration they expected.

The players were given ample time to express themselves on the issue, with Khan asking several of them to explain why they thought the team was struggling this season. Most players felt free enough to simply speak up, though, without waiting for Khan to directly prompt them, though it is presently unclear which player spoke up and what they said.

The meeting couldn’t have come at a better time. The Jaguars lost 33-16 to the Raiders on Sunday. The EverBank Field game gave Coach Gus Bradley his worst loss in four years.

The team simply didn’t gel, with Marqise Lee receiving a penalty for a racial slur he was heard uttering. There was only one Touchdown the Jaguars could boast of, and the 344 yards they managed were abysmal. And it isn’t like the Raiders were amazing. The Jaguars were simply poor.

Blake Bortles was outplayed by Derek Carr, the Raiders quarterback. Considering his position in the 2014 draft, the fact that Carr has thrown for more touchdown passes (as well as fewer interceptions) than Bortles is embarrassing.

Khan fired the coach and the general manager soon after his first season in 2012, during which the Jaguars went 2-14. Khan chose to bring Dave Caldwell on board, and Caldwell hired Bradley in turn.

The goal was for the pair to work together to rebuild the team. That hasn’t worked out so well, though. Consider the fact that Bradley’s first season ended with the Jaguars going 4-12.

The 2014 season was no better (3-13), and neither was the 2015 season (5-11). Khan’s comments last year suggested that he was getting a little frustrated. $127 million was spent to beef up the defense; however, even the likes of Ramsey and Gipson have under-performed in this new season.

Bortles broke the records for passing touchdowns and passing yards in 2015 but he has really struggled in 2015, this along with Allen Robinson who also impressed in the last season.

Considering the $76 million (of his own money) he spent financing improvements to the EverBank Field, Khan expects to see his investment birth results; Bradley can only keep offering excuses for so long before Khan moves to make drastic changes.

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Patrick Omameh to replace Luke Joeckel at left guard for the Jaguars

A football game might revolve around the efforts of an entire team but the removal of even one player can compromise a team’s ability to deliver. It takes the efforts of every single member of a team, all of them coordinating towards achieving a singular goal, for a team to succeed; and when Luke Joeckel was sidelined, it left the Jaguars in a difficult situation, with many NFL betting lines enthusiasts wondering who would take his place.


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