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What happened to the prizes in cereal boxes?

Remember that feeling when your parents went grocery shopping and got your favorite cereal with that awesome prize inside of it?

Usually your mom would tell you “don’t you dare dump out all that cereal just to get to the prize!”

But if you were smart, you knew there was a certain art to turning the box all around just so you could reach your hand in and grab the prize before the sneaky brother/sister came running along.

But for newer generations, they never really had the joy of picking out your “favorite” cereal based solely on the prize that was offered.


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How Corporate America is Ruining Sports

Imagine a Sunday afternoon, sitting in the bleachers of your favorite baseball team with a hot dog, a cold refreshment of choice and you are literally 20 feet away from your favorite players. You can hear the players conversations, the tips from the coaches and possibly even scope out some hidden baseball signs (no binoculars needed). Now imagine paying for your ticket, food and drinks for the entire game for under $2.

Flash forward 60 years and this same fan has been pushed out of the “real fan” seats, banished to what his wallet can afford, the dreaded upper deck. He has the same hot dog and cold refreshment, only this time, it’s set him back close to $100. Now add on if you care to take your family or a date to a game, and you end up broke before its time for the 7th inning stretch.

Whether you’re watching from home or lucky enough to attend a live game, slowly but surely, corporations are making major decisions in every aspect of our beloved sports.

But does the drooling from team owners for corporate dollars actually help or hurt the leagues that embrace them?


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Lois Griffin Is the Funniest Female Character in TV History [video]

Lois Griffin is the saucy redhead with a sharp tongue and taste for crude jokes that lives under the “Questionably Classy” tagline almost a T.

Being the wife of Pete Griffin in the ever popular Family Guy has given Lois more of a voice throughout the years but she has always remained consistent in one category- being the funniest female cartoon character in the history of TV.

Having thought for a while she was the funniest, we started to write down all the funny quotes she would say in episodes from here to there. But lucky for all of us, YouTube user OdiosTV went ahead and made a 2+min long video with the funniest one-liners Lois has ever said since the beginning of the long running Family Guy series.


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