Lois Griffin is the saucy redhead with a sharp tongue and taste for crude jokes that lives under the “Questionably Classy” tagline almost a T.

Being the wife of Pete Griffin in the ever popular Family Guy has given Lois more of a voice throughout the years but she has always remained consistent in one category- being the funniest female cartoon character in the history of TV.

Having thought for a while she was the funniest, we started to write down all the funny quotes she would say in episodes from here to there. But lucky for all of us, YouTube user OdiosTV went ahead and made a 2+min long video with the funniest one-liners Lois has ever said since the beginning of the long running Family Guy series.

Some of our favorite Lois Griffin quotes:

–“He’s the kinda guy you hate until he’s inside ya”

–Peter “hey when did you get that tattoo on your back?” Lois “I don’t know Peter. Meth is a hell of a drug”.

–After getting shot by Peter in the arm “Now stick your finger in there and twist it!”

–“No matter what you do for the rest of your life. You’ll always be garbage”

Since you’re probably laughing already, be sure to check out the video full of some of Lois’ best work throughout the years…