When it comes to superheroes, the Marvel universe is the one getting most of the attention lately. We’ve all seen the movies leading up to the Avengers – starting with Hulk, Thor and Captain America – and all the TV series exploring other branches of the universe. But the Marvel universe is not the only one populated by alien warlords and amazing gadgets. There is another one, equally famous (even preferred by many), which will most likely make its big screen reboot next year. And some of its characters, like the upcoming Batman vs Superman are also world famous, even featured in several royal vegas online casino games.

But how does this highly anticipated movie hint to more DC expectations?

It all started with Henry Cavill being cast in the title role of the Man of Steel movie. It was different from any other Superman movie we’ve seen before. Aside from losing his underpants worn on the outside, the new Superman was a bit different from anything we’ve seen before. For one, he kills General Zod at the end of his movie – which gives us a hint that the former “Mr. Niceguy” has been replaced by a darker, more somber person. And the trailer of the upcoming “Batman vs. Superman” movie tends to suggest the same.

But the same trailer – and the cast of the upcoming movie – suggests that we have challengers to the Marvel supremacy on the big screen. Aside from Superman (Henry Cavill) and Batman (Ben Affleck), we’ll have the chance to meet Aquaman (Jason Momoa), Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) and Cyborg (Ray Fisher). The movie can also be the first in a series of Justice League movies – at least this is what its “Dawn of Justice” subtitle suggests

Exploring such a vast universe offers cinematographers an almost endless source of inspiration for movies. First, we’ll see the origin stories of Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Cyborg joining the Green Lantern in the row (hopefully Ryan Reynolds will not go full Deadpool and return to the series later). But the Justice League has many other characters to explore: The Flash (who has his own TV series at this time), J’onn J’onzz aka the Martian Manhunter, but there are so many other superheroes that have made their way into the storyline: The Atom, Shazam!… and even such dark, but popular elements like John Constantine.

Just like Marvel, the DC universe also has a great many superheroes and supervillains to adapt to the big screen. Superman and Batman are the best known around the world, but their grandiose on-screen clash will surely allow many others to come out of the dark. I think the next decade will be filled with a great many superhero movies from both universes, going head on against each other.