If you’re seriously missing HBO’s series, ‘Girls’, hang on in there. We’ve got some seriously sassy TV picks for you to get your mischievous little paws on – and we think you’re going to love them.

Here are our top TV shows like ‘Girls’, with strong female characters who don’t always play nice…

For the Friendship: Sex and the City

Watch Carrie and her fabulous clique in New York City on the search for the right guy. If you enjoyed ‘Girls’ for the sense of friendship and solidarity, you’ll love what ‘Sex and the City’ has to offer. Carrie, a writer, is our main gal, but her friends are equally charming – and they all have their quirks!

There’s no denying it: these girls’ friendships is forged in blood (and tequila).


For the Drama: Orange is the New Black

For too long, prison dramas have centered around troubles males and their various crimes. But now it’s time for the women. In this Netflix Original, ‘Orange is the New Black’ shows us the grit and drama of life in prison as a woman, which is even more gripping when you learn it’s based on a true story.

Drama in bucket loads, the season finale’s will have your heart thumping. Some of those girls bite back…


For the Feistiness: Suits

A law show based on a guy without a law degree was always going to be intriguing. But what set ‘Suits’ apart from is the sassiness of it’s female characters.

Jessica, partner of the huge law firm, is cool, calm and cutting, while Mr Look At Me (Harvey Spencer) has the honor of a sassy secretary, Donna, who knows exactly when – and how – to put him in his place.


For the Whimsy: New Girl

Zooey Deschanel landed on her feet in her role as Jess; a kooky, upbeat girl trying to find her way in a big city. Surrounded by her three male roommates, Jess tries to navigate the ups and downs of twenty-something life. Between jobs and boyfriends lies a charming story about a girl, living with friends, and the stories that come along with it.

But her character isn’t always sickly sweet. With hilarious outbursts, Jess isn’t scared to shout about what she wants.


Girls, Girls, Girls

We hope you enjoyed these top picks of TV shows that have great female characters. The only question is, which one will you watch first?


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