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How do you deal with bad football losses? Not the kind where you lose one big game but facing losing season after losing season for a long period of time.  I faced that challenge after another shitty Jaguars season where I have to decide if I want to have fun with my friends instead of watching my terrible football team play.

This debate plus the biggest sports and entertainment stories you may have missed….which includes a new Beauty and the Beast trailer!

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Intro: How do you deal with bad football losses?

Plus the biggest stories in sports you need to know.


Useless Information from the Internet

(34:16 minute mark)

The Cavaliers had fans dress up and play a human-sized game of Hungry Hungry Hippos


Browns fans are planning a parade if they go 0-16. Shoot for the starrrrrs.


Everyone’s favorite liar Alex Rodriguez lies again but this time it’s about taking a picture already made famous on the internet as his own.


!!!New Beauty and Beast trailer!!!


Kim Kardashian revealed her family’s Halloween costumes and it’s from Aladdin!


People couldn’t get enough of Dave Chappelle’s return to TV


What games would you put on a Mini SNES?


The Rockefeller Center Christmas tree is up! And this makes me so happy.


Nutella and McDonald’s, together at last?


Trainer Swears By ‘Sperm Smoothies’—And it doesn’t sound as crazy as you think.


Taco Bell’s Updated Logo Coincides With Vegas Strip Debut.


Fantastic Beasts hits theaters this week!


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