What’s life like for the first female coach in the NFL? Jen Welter joins the ladies to talk about what she learned from her with the Arizona Cardinals, what she has planned next and how coaching men is different from coaching women.

Was Erin Andrews given a fair settlement?

Along with Jen Welter and our usual Studs and Duds, we get into the ruling on the Erin Andrews case.

You might have heard about the incident years back where a serial stalker discovered the hotel location of where then-ESPN reporter Erin Andrews was staying. Not only was this stalker able to confirm Andrews was staying there, he was also able to successfully request the room RIGHT NEXT TO HER.

The stalker then used a drill to manipulate the peep hole on Andrews’ room to record her in her most private moments. Afterwards he attempted to sell the video to various outlets and when unsuccessful, uploaded the video to the internet where more than 17 million people. On average, the video is watched every minute of every day.

The video will never be completely taken down and because of the mental anguish this has caused, Andrews was awarded $55 million due to negligence from Marriott and the stalker.

While Andrews likely won’t receive a dime from the now-jailed stalker, Marriott had a deplorable defense that her career benefited from this. As if she wasn’t successful before she was victimized.

With all that said, there is no legal precedence for this type of crime. So many have argued that the settlement is entirely too much.

But can you put a price tag on mental anguish you’ll likely feel for the rest of your life as a result of a crime like this?

You can listen to our passionate debate about this topic starting around the 33 minute mark.

NFL Free Agency Overrated?

For those who missed out on live cross talk with the Frank Frangie Show, we got into a debate over NFL free agency.

Every year fans seem to get really excited about adding new faces to their roster. Sure, it gives us hope for the following season, but does adding free agents cause more harm than good?

When you’re in the position of the Jaguars where you have a lot of cash and plenty of holes to fill, it makes sense to go after the biggest targets who avoided getting hit with the franchise tag. Since we’re based in Jacksonville, the results of this poll make a ton of sense:

But if you’re a Dolphins fan and you see your team spending money on older veterans while letting younger guys strut to other teams, fans have to be scratching their head at just WTF your front office is doing.

My opinion? Teams should focus on building through the draft because you can acquire talent on the cheap. But if you have holes to fill and cash to spend, throw a stack at the guys who won’t damage locker room chemistry.


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13:37- Studs of the week

25:35- Duds of the week including where we start discussing the Erin Andrews case

48:15- Should ESPN apologize for their treatment of Erin Andrews?

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