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GuysGirl Investigates: DisneyBounding

I’m obsessed with Disney, but then again who isn’t? Disney is one of the most popular companies that exists right now and has one of the largest fanbases of all time. Obviously, their characters are some of the most iconic ever and at some point, everyone has wanted to be one. If you haven’t, well then, you’re just lying to yourself. So when I stumbled on DisneyBounding, it was as if my Disney dreams had come true and immediately, there were questions like “What the heck is DisneyBounding?”

To make it as simple as possible, DisneyBounding is dressing up like a Disney character but with normal clothes which are basically like a DIY costume. If you want a more in-depth answer on what DisneyBounding is, I refer you to a video by Youtuber, imSarahSnitch. If you’re interested in her, she produces a lot of Disney related content on her channel.

The video cleared up a lot of my questions about what DisneyBounding is, who can DisneyBound and why it’s so popular. DisneyBounding is literally for any Disney fan there is… no matter what age you are, I’m sure you have something in your closet you can use for it.

In my research on the parks, I found out that if you are over 14, Disney prohibits wearing costumes for obvious reasons which are why I believe DisneyBounding is so popular. It’s basically like wearing a costume without wearing a costume, you know? In the video, she also mentions a site called “disneybound’ which is a DisneyBounder’s dream.

The site uses Polyvore to design outfits inspired by characters to help the disneybounder. The theme for this week was Disney Channel Original Movies since there was a Memorial Day marathon. For example, one of most interesting ones was a Zenon DisneyBound from the movie Zenon: Girl Of the 21st Century. The site features a ton of different characters, modern and classic such as characters from Zootopia, Big Hero 6 and Frozen along with Pinocchio, Dumbo and The Jungle Book. You can check out the website for more.

Another aspect I find interesting about DisneyBounding is how open it can be. There are so many characters to choose from and an endless amount of clothing options. It could be done by just one person, a couple, a group of friends or even an entire family.

Personally, I believe that DisneyBounding is pretty cool and something I’d like to try at least once. What do you think about DisneyBounding? Would you give a try?


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Will Fox’s ‘Pitch’ Hit It Out Of the Park?

Yesterday, Fox announced a new show, coming to their network in 2016 as far as we know. ‘Pitch’ follows the story of Ginny Baker, the first female MLB player who will be played by Kylie Bunbury. The show will be executive produced by Dan Fogelman of ‘Cars’ fame and Rick Singer. There aren’t many casting details released yet, but Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Ali Larter, and Dan Lauria are all involved with the project. Here’s a look at the trailer!

The trailer gets my hopes up for the show which is a double-edged sword honestly. While I trust the idea behind the show, I’m not sure how well that will translate on-screen. The one big vote of confidence that I have is that the MLB is actually being associated with this project. Another moment that gave me hope for this show was that it didn’t play her off as automatically getting along with the staff which I believe would happen to any woman joining a professional sports team.

However, one of the biggest realistic moments, in my opinion, was that she had to walk off during her first outing on the field. I found that moment to be so raw and real, something that most sports-related programs would shy away from and one that is equally as important as her successes.

While there are some good moments in the trailer and the series in general, I can already see some room for improvement. My biggest red flag came via a quote by Fogelman, “What we’re going to be exploring is friendships, love, success and fame. It’s not all going to be sweet and perfect, but that’s not a necessary part of it.” What worries me is that it will turn from a woman becoming a pitcher on the team to becoming someone’s love interest, completely losing the authenticity of the show.

With Fogelman and Singer writing, that’s just it. They’re writing about something that a woman technically should be writing about. Even with female writers on the staff, it’s a project led by men. Fogelman also rejected the idea of there being an episode about Performance-Enhancing drugs which is a hot topic right now and something that I believe if done right by the show could make a great storyline.

Even with some of the problems already mentioned, I believe the show could be a success. With the added bonus of Mo’Ne Davis as some of the basis of the story, how bad can it really be?

What do you think? Will you be tuning into Fox to watch ‘Pitch’ or will you let this one slide?


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When Will The Johnny Manziel Saga End?

Known as one of the biggest busts of the past few years, Johnny Manziel has become a polarizing figure for many football fans. One thing most people can agree on is that he has been in the news too much. Even now, Manziel is making headlines off the field which raises a few questions. Is Manziel more popular than ever and will Johnny Football fever ever stop?

You would assume with Manziel’s brush with domestic violence, partying and lack of production, he wouldn’t have any fans left. If anything, Manziel is more popular than ever. He’s even being endorsed by Superbowl MVP, Von Miller who he was rumored to be living with. News recently broke that Manziel could have become one of the Broncos’ quarterbacks for the 2016 season too.

The best team in the NFL last year was interested in Manziel? That brings a completely new layer to this story and one that won’t soon die. No matter who the Broncos end up signing, it will be a “What If?” game. What if Manziel would have been their starter? What if Peyton Manning had decided to mentor Manziel? What if Manziel had earned a spot on the Broncos roster this season?

Then there’s the “What Ifs” for the Browns if Manziel does succeed. What if the Browns just weren’t the right team for him? What if the Browns had hired Hue Jackson last year? What if Manziel had decided to stop drinking? All of those questions will be asked through the 2016 season because the NFL and ESPN cannot get enough.

Both of the networks live on drama and trying to make something out of nothing. That’s why Manziel Fever will never die. He will be a constant presence throughout the next couple seasons because he was a bust in the draft and the next handful of drafts will contain his name. Plus anytime the Browns are brought up, Manziel’s name will come up and what he could have done for the team.

No matter what, Manziel is a fixture in the NFL zeitgeist now. He will be brought up as a point for an analyst to either praise or criticize. When the Johnny Manziel saga ends, it will hopefully be for good and if not, then he’ll be another NFL star only talked about for who he is and not how he plays.


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Will The NFL Get It Right With Johnny Manziel?

The NFL has to be one of the best organizations to work for if you are a man. No matter what you do, a team will seemingly throw themselves at you. Case in point, Greg Hardy, Richie Incognito and Adrian Peterson to name a few examples.

Yet Johnny Manziel is a special case, but will he be a case that the NFL success with or a reminder of their constant failure?


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