The ‘Mindy Project’ returns with its midseason premiere on April 12th. Now airing on Hulu, ‘The Mindy Project’ has become an instant classic for millennials.

Here are 5 reasons you should watch ‘The Mindy Project’ even if you don’t have Hulu!

5. There’s somebody for everybody.

No matter what kind of character you like, you are guaranteed to like at least one on ‘The Mindy Project’. While the obvious favorite is Mindy Lahiri, maybe you like British guys so maybe you’d be more into Jeremy Reed. Maybe you’re shy and known as the “cute one”, then Betsy’s for you but no matter what, someone on the show will attract you.

4. It’s realistic. 

Clearly, it’s a TV show so some of it is dramatic. However, most of the time, ‘The Mindy Project’ is actually pretty realistic. It involves issues a lot of people go through such as growing up, getting married, having babies or fighting with your best friend. It also gives a comedic twist to some serious moments that would normally not be seen as funny.

3. It’s a romantic comedy. 

The one thing that Mindy Kaling and Mindy Lahiri have in common is their love of romantic comedies. That’s exactly what ‘The Mindy Project’ is. The comedy either comes from Mindy’s dialogue which is mostly chalked full of pop culture references, Morgan’s personality or the drier sense of humor that Jody has. Romance is sprinkled throughout as an essential part of the show, but it isn’t too in your face. It’s the perfect mixture of smart, funny and romantic.

2. The wardrobe on the show is incredible. 

Talk about #outfitgoals. Mindy wears some of the best outfits and whoever styles her on the show deserves an award. Then there’s the multitude of side characters who always look their best even when they should look horrendous. The star is obviously Mindy though who isn’t afraid to show off her body, isn’t afraid of certain colors or patterns and she dresses exactly like we wish we all could.

1. Mindy Lahiri is a strong female character! 

The biggest sell for me to watch this show was Mindy Kaling. After reading both of her books, I figured I should give her show a chance. That’s when I was introduced to Mindy Lahiri. Kaling plays Lahiri perfectly with the mixture of naive and realistic, fun yet serious, smart but also ditsy and a strong yet sexy woman. Normally, it’s one or the other, but Lahiri allows herself to be both and that’s why ‘The Mindy Project is a must-watch for everyone!


Featured image via Fox