Yesterday, Fox announced a new show, coming to their network in 2016 as far as we know. ‘Pitch’ follows the story of Ginny Baker, the first female MLB player who will be played by Kylie Bunbury. The show will be executive produced by Dan Fogelman of ‘Cars’ fame and Rick Singer. There aren’t many casting details released yet, but Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Ali Larter, and Dan Lauria are all involved with the project. Here’s a look at the trailer!

The trailer gets my hopes up for the show which is a double-edged sword honestly. While I trust the idea behind the show, I’m not sure how well that will translate on-screen. The one big vote of confidence that I have is that the MLB is actually being associated with this project. Another moment that gave me hope for this show was that it didn’t play her off as automatically getting along with the staff which I believe would happen to any woman joining a professional sports team.

However, one of the biggest realistic moments, in my opinion, was that she had to walk off during her first outing on the field. I found that moment to be so raw and real, something that most sports-related programs would shy away from and one that is equally as important as her successes.

While there are some good moments in the trailer and the series in general, I can already see some room for improvement. My biggest red flag came via a quote by Fogelman, “What we’re going to be exploring is friendships, love, success and fame. It’s not all going to be sweet and perfect, but that’s not a necessary part of it.” What worries me is that it will turn from a woman becoming a pitcher on the team to becoming someone’s love interest, completely losing the authenticity of the show.

With Fogelman and Singer writing, that’s just it. They’re writing about something that a woman technically should be writing about. Even with female writers on the staff, it’s a project led by men. Fogelman also rejected the idea of there being an episode about Performance-Enhancing drugs which is a hot topic right now and something that I believe if done right by the show could make a great storyline.

Even with some of the problems already mentioned, I believe the show could be a success. With the added bonus of Mo’Ne Davis as some of the basis of the story, how bad can it really be?

What do you think? Will you be tuning into Fox to watch ‘Pitch’ or will you let this one slide?


Featured image via Perform