The NFL has to be one of the best organizations to work for if you are a man. No matter what you do, a team will seemingly throw themselves at you. Case in point, Greg Hardy, Richie Incognito and Adrian Peterson to name a few examples.

Yet Johnny Manziel is a special case, but will he be a case that the NFL success with or a reminder of their constant failure?

Is Manziel already a Bust?

When Manziel was in college, everyone had high expectations for him. He’s going to make it to the pros and he will make the league different which was technically true. Manziel did enter the league, made the league different but not in a positive light. He embarrassed the Cleveland Browns, became the face for millennials and has become the biggest NFL bust of recent years.

Most recently, the news surrounding Manziel is his domestic violence charges. Even amidst the charges, Manziel can be seen hanging out with Scott Disick and Von Miller. He has also reassured TMZ that he will be playing next season.

Meanwhile, the NFL is continuing their investigation into the domestic violence incident. For those who haven’t been keeping tabs on the NFL, they’re terrible at giving out punishments or, at least, following through. They suspended Greg Hardy for 10 games and then reduced it to 4 games. Manziel is a completely different ball game, though, because of how much he polarizes the public.

What does the NFL gain by keeping Manziel active?

You either love Manziel or you hate him, there’s no in-between and if the NFL lets the public win, that will be what takes them down. Maybe it won’t take them down, but if they treat this investigation like a game, nothing will be accomplished. If they fail, they will bring more backlash and a big PR disaster but if they succeed, it could be a turning point in the NFL.

No matter what your thoughts on Manziel are, there is one thing that is true. Manziel played it too fast and now the NFL is paying the price. If this continues to happen, the NFL will be known for its failures, not its successes. If the NFL wants to become more friendly for women, then maybe they should take a long hard look at themselves and the people they decide to use first.


Featured image via Complex Sports