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Kobe Sidelined for Six to Nine Months: Is this the End?

kobeinjuryI never ever thought in a million years that I would be saddened by anything that happens to the Lakers organization. But, here we are in 2013, and several times this season I’ve found myself feeling some type of way about the men wearing purple and gold; Kobe particularly.

Let’s recap!

The Lakers reloaded during the offseason, adding Steve Nash and Dwight Howard to the roster and then opened the season with the worst losing streak the organization has seen.

As a result, Coach Mike Brown is fired and Coach Mike D’Antoni is hired. Nash gets hurt, Howard is Howard and then the drama began with talks of a beef between him and Kobe.


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Jerry Buss Dies at Age 80

I woke up Monday morning ready to brag about how PG Chris Paul of the Los Angeles Clippers won the 2013 NBA All-Star MVP award. I was going to insert my opinions on how much the Lakers sucked this season and poke fun at Lakers’ fans. I was going to make my case about why the Clippers were legitimately shining stars in L.A and no longer the little brothers on the JV team in the big house that we call Staples Center.

Well it looks like the Basketball Gods saw it differently, and they called one of their own home. Los Angeles Lakers owner Jerry Buss died Monday morning at age 80. He was battling cancer and his liver failed. It’s a sad day in the NBA but his untimely passing also gave me a slight chuckle because we all know that Jerry Buss has never been out done. He is and always has been the MAN and he will not be out done by any team, especially not by the Clippers so even in his passing the spot light shifts and Buss wouldn’t have it any other way.

The Los Angeles Lakers organization is a basketball empire that he built in an exceptional fashion and basketball is what it is today because he transformed the way NBA organizations are run. jbuss3

Buss was a business man and a visionary. He put a product on the floor that was bigger than basketball; it was entertainment. He earned a doctorate degree from USC in physical chemistry and later created the formula to keeping fan’s attention and staying relevant in Tinseltown.

Dr. Buss was a mad scientist of sorts, bringing glitz and glam to the game of basketball with the addition of the Laker Girls. He spent top dollars on players and those investments yielded big returns; 10 NBA titles and 16 NBA Finals appearances to be exact.

He signed Magic Johnson to a 25-year, $25 million contract that later produced ‘Showtime’ and in 1996 he signed Shaquille O’Neal to an unprecedented $121 million contract that brought the ‘Big Fella’ from the Orlando Magic to Los Angeles where he and Kobe Bryant won three titles together.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Bill Walton, James Worthy, Jerry West, Pat Riley, and Phil Jackson are also apart of Buss’ genius; they are what put A-List celebrities in the stands on a nightly basis.

Jerry Buss purchased the Los Angeles Lakers in 1979 for $67.5 million in a deal that included the Los Angeles Kings, the Forum sports arena and Cooke’s California ranch. In January, Forbes listed the Lakers organization as being worth $1 billion just second to the New York Knicks.

In 2010 Buss was elected to the NBA Hall of Fame and his legacy will live on as the championship flags wave from the raptures of the Staples Center.

Dr. Buss made basketball more than a game; he created a brand that gave sports fans an experience with every ticket purchased.

Love or hate the Los Angeles Lakers, sports fans everywhere respect how Jerry Buss helped the NBA evolve; after all he was much more than an owner he was an innovator.

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Redskins Trent Williams & Seahawks Richard Sherman: Mushed

I spent my Sunday afternoon watching NFL football in sweat pants and a Cal hoodie with my friend Alicia Jay of TallSWAG. We were complete bums and it was awesome.

As we watched the Washington Redskins completely unfold I’d had enough. I can’t stand Pete Carroll for a few reasons and it all started during his tenure as the head coach at USC. I thought I’d gotten over it and then the Green Bay Packers got robbed by the Seattle Seahawks at the hands of the replacement refs.

I can’t stand him or the Seahawks but I respect that Seahawks QB Russel Wilson blocks for his running backs. Lol that’s gangstah.

That said…after RG III got hurt I’d decided enough was enough and was ready to turn the game off. Ajay stopped me and said she wanted to watch post-game interviews and OMG I’m glad we did or we would have missed the MUSH seen around the world. Trent williams mush

Ahahahaha I looked up just in time to see Trent Williams smash Richard Sherman in the face. We both looked at each other and said, “Did he just MUSH him? He did!” and we erupted in laughter.

That was the funniest thing EVER!

For those of you who don’t know what a mush is…it’s a push and mash together and in most instances it’s worse than someone actually hitting you because it’s so ridiculous and embarrassing.

I’m so glad it didn’t escalate but it was funny as hell.

Players from both teams broke it up but Richard Sherman walked away waving his hand and mouthing bye-bye. That man is always talking smack. He loves antagonizing opponents. In fact, he taunted Tom Brady after the Seahawks upset the Patriots in October.

So what did Sherman say that made Williams mad?

Sherman told USA Today that after the game the 6-5 and 325 pound Williams tapped him and said, “What’s up now? I’ll swing on you.”

Sherman called his bluff and replied, “Swing!”

And the MUSH happened.

I guess beating the Redskins 24-14 in the NFC wild-card game wasn’t enough.

Ahahaahha it’s so juvenile and petty but, so hilarious and the KFC promo that followed it just took it over the edge.


Thanks for the laugh fellas, Twitter was on fire following the mush and I enjoyed every bit of it.

And of course it’s on YouTube…check it out.


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