Lakers fans take out your brooms and assume the position! lakersswept


I NEVER ever thought I’d say this but the San Antonio Spurs SWEPT the Lakers in an unprecedented fashion.

And to make it better or worse, if you will, Dwight Howard got ejected Sunday as the Lakers ended their tumultuous season with a loss 21-point loss.

The Lakers haven’t gotten swept often over the years but they were swept in 1967.

And guess who beat them?


The irony is that on a day that the San Antonio Spurs beat the Lakers 103-82 the Golden State Warriors {of Oakland} beat the Denver Nuggets 101-115 and Stephen Curry showed us all why he is the MAN!

All I can say is WOW!

I won’t pour salt in the wound with stats but I will say that the Lakers have gone fishing and the Warriors play on Tuesday and could seal the deal in Denver and advance to round two.

Most fans knew that the Miami Heat and Oklahoma City Thunder would be here beasting in the post season, but, I for one didn’t see this coming when the season started in October.

This is crazy, but it’s another reason why we all love this game.